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yougov paid survey site review

We’re all looking for new ways to supplement our income and the internet has become the first place people look when searching for new possibilities, one of them is definitely online paid surveys.

All you need is a computer or a cell phone and internet connection and you’re ready to get going.

With all this easy money out there you need to know which opportunities are the right ones for you and how to separate shady get rich quick schemes from legitimate money making options and increase your income.

YouGov has become an exciting opportunity for those that want to make some extra money while also getting the chance to share their opinions on important issues that affect society today.

⚠️ The Inside Scoop on YouGov

These days data is new oil, or at least that’s how the saying goes. With that in mind companies are desperate to get the most accurate info on consumers or voters that they can get.

YouGov is a legitimate organization that does a lot of really important work for private organizations and also governments and politicians. It has a presence in dozens of countries so it is extremely well known and respected.

But where do you come in? Well, this info doesn’t just appear from thin air. Real people like you are being compensated for their opinions since this data is in such demand.

So there is no question that YouGov is a legit company and they do pay but you need to know more before deciding whether to invest time and energy getting started with YouGov so let’s get into it.

💰How much can i earn with online paid survey site: YouGov?

Right off the bat YouGov is giving you a sign up bonus to incentivize you to get going with them and this is going to take you less than five minutes to complete and you’ll get 100 points for taking this welcome survey.

This turns out to be really important since this info you give about yourself will determine what kind of surveys you’ll be eligible for in the future.

Most of the surveys you’ll complete will have a reward level of between 300 to 500 points. The general rule of thumb here being that the longer the survey the more points you’ll get.

Thinking about points like a form of currency  1,400 points is about equal to 1 US Dollar. 

The other thing to keep in mind is the threshold that has to be reached before you’re able to get your pay out.

This is something that differs from the various “get paid to” sites and with YouGov the rules dictate that you need to get 35,000 points before you can get a payout. 35,000 points would be equal to a $15 gift card.

If you do the calculations you’re taking about 10 minutes per survey and earning the equivalent of a dollar for 30 minutes worth of survey taking.

You won’t be able to spend unlimited time completing surveys but if you’re able to do 3 a day that would add up to about $30 a month. Not bad for some extra spending cash.

👩🏽‍💻 How Do I access the Surveys?

The important initial survey that you take is essential because the answers you give and the surveys you have access to are often dependent on the demographic category that you fall into.

The great news with YouGov is that they will send you the surveys that you are eligible for so you don’t have to spend time scrolling through surveys you won’t qualify for.

This efficiency is a big time saver compared to many other “get paid to” sites and is a great feature from YouGov. Of course to be able to get these alerts you have to provide an active email address as you sign up.

What are People Saying about YouGov paid online surveys? 🗣

One great thing about the internet is the amount of reviews you can find from people like you to guide your choices at restaurants, travel destinations or sites like YouGov.

TrustPilot has quickly become one of the biggest names in reviews and we see that YouGov has over 4 out of 5 stars with well over a thousand users have left reviews.

Opinions about YouGov

Louis R – I have received a good amount of money over the years so they do pay out. I do sometimes have trouble reaching the customer support team.

Drew B – I have had mixed experiences with YouGov over the years. I have occasionally been compensated but overall I have moved on to other sites that have been more consistent.

Aaron D – I really like using YouGov and I have to say I even find a lot of the surveys really interesting when I think about the type of content they cover like politics or current event topics and I would say it’s a 4/5 only because there are sometimes technical issues that can be frustrating.

For more reviews go to this link

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