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Today’s article is dedicated to Toluna (or Toluna Influencers),  one of the best-known and reliable paid survey platforms worldwide . In today’s article, we explain how Toluna works, our opinions on Toluna and the reviews, which we have collected on its paid questionnaires and surveys panels, available to all users.

How Toluna works – register with Toluna

Toluna influencers paid surveysAs mentioned, Toluna is a highly reliable paid online survey platform where anyone can register for free and with no obligation. Simply go to Toluna’s registration page and enter your details. The procedure is simple: enter your first and last name, date of birth, gender, email address, place of residence, post/zip code and give a password.

It’s that simple. Once you’re done, confirm your registration (remember that it’s free and involves no obligation) by clicking on the confirmation email Toluna sends you. If you don’t see it in your in box, remember to look in your ‘junk’, ‘spam’ or ‘all mail’ areas.

Then you’ll be asked for some information, which takes the form of an initial survey to set up your user profile. This first survey is important as it allows Toluna to understand what your habits are as a consumer, the make-up of your household, your interests, job, whether you have children, maybe your earning bracket, what your favourite programmes are, etc.

Based on your user type (obviously a 50-year-old housewife with kids is different from a 35-year-old manager, just to make an example), you will be involved more – or less, as the case may be – to complete surveys for which client companies provide Toluna with typical user profiles and a precise number of surveys to fill in.

For every questionnaire you fill out, you’ll receive points that can be converted into cash or vouchers, such as Amazon vouchers.

The Toluna App to earn money

There is also the Toluna App, both for iOS and Android, which you can use to complete various paid online surveys. Our tip is to register on the site and then, if you want, also download the App to complete Toluna’s quick surveys from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet. However, because the App sometimes has compatibility issues with certain smartphones, to avoid doubt, it may be best to complete Toluna’s surveys on their website.

When in the Toluna area, however, you can also ask other users for their opinions: ask questions you’re interested in and collect the opinions of other registered users on issues you want to know about (e.g. advice on products and brands). The Toluna community is at your disposal!

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💰 How Toluna rewards you

As mentioned, you earn points for every paid survey you complete;  these points are converted into PayPal top-ups, Amazon vouchers , gadgets and vouchers to spend in various stores. Obviously, before you can claim prizes, you must reach certain points thresholds. Among the brands for which you can choose vouchers, you will find:

  • PayPal
  • Amazon
  • iTunes
  • Decathlon

Just to mention very famous brands. And then there’s the very entertaining Toluna lottery where you can win 500 points every day by doing nothing except drawing lots! Every day, a user wins 500 points just for being registered. These points are converted into the vouchers mentioned above.

Inside the Community, you can also find several free games, the quick-vote section to rate some quick questions (e.g. “How often do you consume fizzy drinks?“) and the Tops & Flops.

The most committed users succeed in earning  the equivalent of 25 dollars to spend on Amazon in about 3-4 weeks .

Toluna is reliable and really does work – Toluna Reviews and Opinions

We like to underline that Toluna is one of the top platforms to register with. However if you only receive a few surveys in certain periods, don’t be disappointed or frustrated: it’s part of the game. It only means that your user profile is simply not being sought by companies that need market surveys at that moment. After a slack period, you may well receive several surveys in a short time.

Patience is a virtue here, so bide your time and subscribe to as many paid survey platforms as possible so that you will increase your chances of making money online with surveys.

Among the reviews and opinions on Toluna, here are some published in the various forums, or in the reviews of its App:

Some reviews from the internet about Toluna

Toluna is fantastic. Just be patient and the points build up – Robin G.

The most professional site! OK, the earnings aren’t big but it gives you the satisfaction of having an extra 25 euros on Amazon, which I earn in 3-4 weeks – X. S.

Sign up, earn some money and time goes by quickly – Sabrina R.

The Toluna App is excellent for paid surveys – Ashley C.

Great for those who like to earn – Matthew N.

Great, the best! 35 euros earned in PayPal in 3 months – Juan.

Positive and worth it – Maria A.

Great site, very correct and professional – Donald Y.

Of course, it also receives negative reviews, however, we think that those come from a mix of people who have not really got how Toluna works for surveys (read the FAQ on the site) or have had issues with the App, perhaps due to smartphone incompatibility; or perhaps they simply prefer other online survey sites, which is fine. It’s all part of the game and we all have our own tastes!

Basically, we recommend you register with Toluna’s paid surveys: you certainly have nothing to lose so you only have something to gain! You may as well try: good luck!

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