Surveys Paid via Paypal: Guide to the 6 Main Sites (for European users mainly)

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Online surveys are a simple, safe and democratic way to make money on the web. There are multiple advantages: with web surveys, you decide when to work and so how much time to invest in your business. But what about surveys paid via PayPal? Today we are going to underline and show the best 6 survey sites paid online,  available in particular for European country users .

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>> We all know pros and cons about surveys: for example you can do them from the comfort of your home and with a certain payout, commensurate with the time and effort you dedicate. Often,  surveys rewards are paid via PayPal, which is usually a preferred payment method , because users can spend the money in the way they want (while vouchers are limited to specific retail brands or e-commerce such as Amazon).

 So in this article we turn on a light on the best and most reliable survey websites that allow payment via PayPal! 

But first, some things to be remembered…

The perfect profile to earn money with surveys

Online questionnaires are based on the socio-demographic characteristics of the user (age, household, type of job, salary, area of origin, personal interests, tastes, character traits etc.).

Obviously, not all users will have the same appeal for survey platforms: as is natural, users belonging to a rarer profile are more sought-after and paid more.

For example, while platforms abound in female users, mostly middle-aged housewives, there is a shortage of male users, such as established professionals with high incomes and more than one child.

The latter will obviously be more sought-after, and will therefore have a better chance of earning money from web surveys. But ultimately, anyone can participate in paid online questionnaires: as long as you know your way around the jungle of digital platforms.

Why online surveys exist

The sites that offer surveys are called “panels“. These sites act as intermediaries between companies and end users.

But why should a company create an online questionnaire?

 It usually happens before a new product is launched on the market. 

Asking users’ opinions helps the company to understand if the product will be liked and therefore successful. And asking your opinion through a web survey is the easiest and most profitable way to do it.

Asking questions on the street, for example, is very difficult: people don’t like stopping, while phone surveys are replied to in a hurry, as people are worried it may be a scam or are bothered be being contacted on their number without an appointment.

The same problems don’t exist with online paid surveys, because users are in a no-stress condition, having the time to answer by home whenever they want. Besides companies that need for this market researches can pay for users’ time spent on answering. It’s a win-win situation for everybody.

How to spot the most reliable survey platforms

But how can I choose the best platform? How to be sure you’ve found a safe and reliable survey site?

If you are venturing into the chaotic world of panels, remember two features you should always find in the sites you pick:

  • NO FEES TO JOIN: professional panels are 100% free.They do not ask for money to complete questionnaires. At most, they require an email address to register.
  • PAYMENTS: payments vary greatly depending on the length of the questionnaire and user profile. A completed survey is usually not paid more than 5 dollars. Payments consist of a cash deposit directly to your PayPal account (or bank account). In some cases, as an alternative, the earning is converted into vouchers, which you can usually spend online on popular platforms such as iTunes, Amazon, Target, etc.

The best and safest sites that pay with PayPal

surveys sites paid with paypalAmong the many web survey platforms, let’s look at some of the most reliable ones below, and select only those that conduct paid surveys with PayPal. Cash deposits is are possible with these platforms, while user can also also opt to earn coupons or vouchers to spend in various well-known sites.

See our page with all the main survey sites! You can see the full details of all these survey sites here:


Toluna influencers paid surveysOne of the best survey panels in the world, with some 5 million members worldwide and over 10 years of experience. Toluna has the guarantee of the international Toluna Group.

Each survey is paid by points and once enough points have been earned, they can be converted into money or vouchers. The earnings also extend to other practices such as product testing, voting, lotteries, affiliation, etc.


paid surveys lifepointsThis is a new site, belonging to Lightspeed Research, started way back in 1946 and operates in 70 countries worldwide.

Lifepoint sends out surveys every week and pays with points convertible into cash on PayPal or e-commerce vouchers. See our full review here!


Surveypronto international online earningsAnother site, often not so well-known, but worth considering: Surveypronto also guarantees payment to your PayPal account, i.e. directly in money. Among the obvious advantages:

  • Entry bonus of 5 dollars
  • Very fast registration also with Facebook log-in, so you don’t waste time filling in the usual data. All the more reason to prove it.
  • Not just surveys! On surveypronto, there is also a shopping area with an immediate “cashback. Basically, this means that if you buy on surveypronto, you are refunded a part of what you spent.


opinion outpost rewards and opinionsOpinion Outpost is a paid-survey company that belongs to Survey Sampling International. It operates in 7 different languages; you can find your country campaigns selecting your language and your country of course. Campaigns are reserved only for those who are over 16 years old. Opinion Outpost offers paid questionnaires sent on a weekly basis (but this depends on the user profile) and requires that you accumulate only 3 dollars to request your money, with PayPal or vouchers.


surveyeah recension online earningsThis is an international platform that offers surveys that are paid with 10 or 20 dollars cuts either on PayPal or vouchers. It offers surveys orientated towards an international audience and has a good frequency of surveys, which can be up to one per week.


crowdville surveys and crowdworksWe dedicated a specific article about Crowdville (see below), because of its peculiar characteristics. In fact in Crowdville you can find both surveys and micro-tasks: this aspect makes Crowdville a very different survey site, with higher average commission than the classic paid online survey sites. BUT there is a side effect: there are usually less surveys and tasks available and the tasks are usually more complicated than the classic online survey. Anyway, Crowdville pays also via PayPal.

You can read more about Crowdville in our specific drilldown.

Other panels you can earn money with on your PayPal account are, Brand Institute, and Mobrog, to mention only the best-known and safest.

How to register on survey sites

Once you have chosen the panel that suits you (our advice is always that you try them all!), you just have to register, leaving data such as name, surname, date of birth, residence, email address, etc.

You’ll get a confirmation email to complete your subscription and you will be addressed immediately to some more specific questions about you and your preferences. Those questions – such as about your family or your job – are very important:  they will help the survey sites to better understand your characteristics and to share with you the survey panels best fitting to you. 

Some final tips

Since everyone’s goal is to receive as many online surveys as possible, when registering, it’s useful that you state that you are the person in the household who’s in charge of shopping. So the panel will be more interested in you and your opinion.

Also, remember that if you mention many interests  it will be more likely that the survey site offers you more surveys: the more interests you have, the more topics that will be associated with you.

The same applies to what you own: the more things you claim you own have, the greater the chance of answering surveys on various topics and products.

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