Review on Opinion Outpost, one of the Most Reliable Surveys Site

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Let’s move on with our in-depth study of the main and reliable survey sites available to the international public, so that you can zoom in on the best sites without wasting time on the unsafe sites to avoid.

The website of Opinion Outpost is certainly among the best-known and reliable ones: its name is one you cannot ignore and a guarantee if you want to approach the world of paid online surveys.

The site is part of the international company Dynata, operating in various EU and non-EU countries in the area of surveys for companies.

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Our review on Opinion Outpost, one of the most reliable surveys site

But let’s go back to Opinion Outpost: is a paid online survey site with simple and straightforward graphics: on the homepage, you can already find everything you need to know to earn money with their projects.

You sign up for free, and then take part in the surveys. Registered members can earn money and rewards (e.g. Amazon gift vouchers or App Store & iTunes Store, and other online stores), and you can convert points into products at their web shop.

 The threshold for requests payment is 2.50 dollars  and the site operates in several countries around the world including the USA, Canada, UK, Italy, Canada, France, Germany and many more.  The site’s good reputation  can easily be found on the internet: many users of the site who have been active for years in online forums declare they are satisfied with the surveys proposed by Opinion Outpost, a survey service active in this field for several years, and not by chance.

The online surveys at Opinion Outpost vary and may be of interest to potential consumers with different interests.

The opinions requested regard household products, electronic devices, health, sports and travel. 

As with many online survey sites, questions are asked to better understand the participant’s interests, especially in the initial post-registration phase.

Opinion Outpost – Key Points

  • Payment threshold (payout) from 2.50 dollars
  • Earn money directly through PayPal or as rewards with gift vouchers on Amazon, App Store and other online stores
  • For each survey you take part in, you will receive a ticket for an online competition with a prize of 1,250 dollars
  • You can also sign up with a click with Facebook Login or Google Login (super fast!)

Market research companies look for the opinions of a specific group of people, a specific marketing target-group, for example a female audience, or people who are already familiar with a certain product.

If a participant is deemed unsuitable for a particular survey project, they will either be “excluded” or receive a message specifying the reason for the exclusion.

The online surveys offered by Opinion Outpost change every day according to the topics on which companies are seeking opinions and feedback.

So there are always new surveys and questionnaires, giving members the chance to earn prizes through a simple and fun form of collaboration.

The more participants provide information about their “consumer” profile, the more likely they are to be selected for an online survey.

Obviously,the site guarantees utmost discretion and respect for privacy regarding the personal and sensitive data of all registered participants.

Many companies use market research to find out opinions about their products, services and advertising campaigns. Companies also analyse opinions or online questionnaires and surveys to ask their target market for an evaluation of their new product.

By participating in online surveys, you can be an active part of the marketing process for specific products or brands simply by spending part of your time on an online survey.

How the surveys work at Opinion Outpost

All the online surveys on Opinion Outpost touch on different topics. At the beginning of each survey, the value of the prize and the expected time for its completion are always indicated so that the participant can freely choose the questionnaire he wishes to complete.

Each survey is anonymous and voluntary and there is no maximum number of projects in which you can participate.

The points earned by responding to online surveys can be converted into money through PayPal or vouchers that can be used at some online shopping stores.

Opinion Outpost regularly sends survey invitations to its registered users but it is not possible to know exactly when and who will receive them.

Each survey is customized and based on the research objectives of the client, i.e. the company commissioning the market research. The site also suggests to keep your profile always updated (a fundamental aspect to receive many surveys!).

Other things to know about Opinion Outpost: simplicity, curiosity and… the competition to win 1,250 euros

An interesting and cool aspect of Opinion Outpost has to do with its “social mission”: the site donates approximately $10,000 a year to the American Red Cross, but this donation does not affect the participant’s balance and is separate from the prizes available for each survey.

Some of the questions that Opinion Outpost uses to select respondents for online surveys may concern personal data, and age, which is important to define the target’s “demographics”.

Another question in the questionnaire may relate  to whether your have pets  and if so, which ones. The questions are very simple yet can indicate a precise lifestyle with habits of buying products that are different from those who do not have a dog or cat in their family.

One constant topic among the questions in online surveys is about the time you spend surfing online. Of course, you are required to reply approximately, as an estimate of the average time spent online is sufficient.

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Opinion Outpost – we’ll say it once again – is one of the most popular online survey sites and has been in the industry for many years.

As well as the surveys, it also features a kind of “wheel of fortune”: for each survey you take part in, you will receive a ticket for a contest with a prize currently of $1,250.

The online rating of this site is therefore highly reliable: ease of use, good survey frequency and speed (and certainty) of payments.

Its user-friendly rating is notices from the outset on reaching the site, by see the homepage structure: it’s very clear and smooth, and impossible to get confused or lost among the various links!

With 20 or at most 40 minutes of your time on your computer or other device, you can earn money online while having fun and making  your personal contribution to a company’s marketing campaigns.

Rewards, vouchers and lotteries are waiting for all those who want to feel they are in some way an “influencer”!

Opinions about Opinion Outpost Paid Surveys

Here as follow some real opinions about Opinion Outpost online Paid Surveys.

Opinion Outpost Reviews and Real Opinions

Jacqueline from United States: This panel has made a lot of improvements recently. I just cannot say enough about Opinion Outpost.

They have lots of surveys. And the more time you spend taking surveys the better they treat you point wise.

They now pay into PayPal the day you cash out, weekday or weekend! 100 points pays $10.

This panel is one of my two favorites!

Noe from USA: I love OO. I’ve been with them for a very long time now. Never had a problem with them

Mitchell from United States: Opinion Outpost seems to be the real deal and they pay quickly. They send out surveys daily and they are quite easy to qualify for. I’d say they’re the real deal, I haven’t had any problems so far with them.

I’ve been working with this site for a while now but haven’t put a lot of time into it (wish i would have now) but wow the cash out came in just a few minutes, I watched it come in and all I can say is wow wow wow. A+ in my book.

PATRICIA from Canada: I have had nothing but great experiences with Opinion Outpost. They have a good quantity of surveys, they add up fast for redemption.

I have redeemed several times on Paypal and have had no issues.

Patrick from United States: I don’t know why people are complaining so much about this Opinion Outpost. I suspect if they didn’t rush through surveys they wouldn’t get booted.

I started doing surveys with them for a year or two about 9 years ago when they were the best. Started with them again about a month ago due to COVID boredom and found they still have the most surveys out there and some of them pay very high.

My highest one paid out $9.50 and there have been many in the $3-$5 range. I make on average over $10 per day from about 2 hours of time per day.

I made over $300 this month so far. Cash out is instant every time into PayPal. Can’t complain.

Heather from United States: Cashed out a few hundred dollars over the last decade with them, but my survey taking was very sporadic.

You won’t get rich but if you are consistent you can make anywhere from 10 to 30 a week. I made 100 one month, but it was Christmas and I was really motivated lol.

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