Paid Surveys Valued Opinions from Real Users

online paid surveys opinions from real users

These days everyone is talking about ways to make some extra cash online and rightfully so. If you’re reading this article then you probably already know that there are countless ways to make money working from wherever,  above all the paid survey websites . But the main questions everyone have are: are the paid surveys reliable? Are the paid surveys a real and proper way to make some money online? So today we are going to see some valued opinions about paid surveys.

It’s definitely the golden age of working online but buyer beware! You need to watch out for the gimmicks that pop up just as quickly as legitimate opportunities.

This article is going to give you the tools you need to decide whether the world of paid surveys is for you. For those that don’t already know – this is one of the hottest and easiest ways people are making some pocket money and there are new sites growing all the time.

In addition to an introduction, we’ll also cover some of the most famous paid survey sites so you’ll be armed with all the info you’re gonna need to get you going and making some much needed cash! Let’s get started!

Online Paid Surveys: reliability, how much they pay and how

So here’s the deal – businesses are paying marketing research firms to understand consumers better. That’s where you come in. In order to get a pulse on what “regular consumers” think to make better business choices companies are willing to invest in paid surveys.

Maybe you’ve heard of focus groups? This is basically the digital age version of these in person focus groups.

Now that the concept is clear, let’s help identify what makes some paid survey sites better than others. Well, you want to get paid so you’ll want to think about  quantity , but you also have to think about  quality .

  • Quantity being how much money they pay and also how low the threshold payout amount is and what kinds of payments are made. You can be compensated in money, but there are also plenty of sites that will give you rewards as compensation. Think also about where you want to be compensated. Do you have a PayPal account? Can you get rewards on your credit card? Do you prefer Amazon gift cards? These are all potential places where you could get payments and generally the more places you can get paid, the more options you’ll have for paid survey sites you can use.
  • When thinking about the quality of the various platforms, you’ll want to be using sites that are user friendly and don’t require jumping through many complicated processes just to fill out your survey or claim your rewards. Some of these sites also have extremely strict security features that might kick you out in the middle of your survey session. Wasting your valuable time is definitely not something you’ll want happening when you’re trying to earn money and rewards.

Paid Surveys Reviews and Opinions – the “Big Players”

You know what they say,  the best indication of future performance is past performance  so let’s see what users just like you had to say about some of the most important paid survey sites.

Nielsen Paid Surveys Opinions

Opinions about Nielsen & Computer Rewards

Robert S. – I was impressed by this app’s great rating so I was curious to try it. I must say that it pays well for the surveys and I actually had a lot of fun doing them.

Tina F. – I’ve been using Nielsen for a while and I’d say that it pays pretty well. I will definitely continue using this paid survey site.

Liz C. – I’ve been sent a number of surveys to complete by Nielsen over the years and they always do what they say. Reliability is extremely important and I have found Nielsen checks this box.

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Toluna Surveys Valued Opinions

Opinions about Toluna Surveys

Jean-Paul H. – I have to say that it did take a long time to earn rewards with Toluna and the usability wasn’t great so overall I wouldn’t say it was worth the effort.

Sam R. – I liked the surveys and I felt like I was compensated well for the time I spent completing the surveys.

Natalie A. – I’ve been using Toluna for years but recently I have not been paid my earnings, which is really annoying.

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Swagbucks Review / Real Opinions

Opinions about Swagbucks Surveys

Meredith M. – I started recently with Swagbucks and the initial questionnaire was really easy and maybe a bit repetitive, but I am excited to keep going.

Aaron T. – It’s a pretty good site. You can do everything and even watch some videos to get paid. I’ve made some money from them so all good from my point of view.

Emmanuella V. – I get interrupted way too much with security concerns about my answers and I don’t see why this should be happening. But at the end I got the payment.

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Branded Surveys Opinions

Opinions about Branded Surveys

Lauren P. – I actually find their surveys fascinating for the most part. I also really enjoy the daily polls that they provide.

Brett S. – This is one of the best paid search sites. They have lots of surveys and their payments are easy.

Ali B. – I’m a long time user and this is one of the few sites that pays out quickly. So far, so good!

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Prize Rebel Valued Opinions

Opinions about Prize Rebel

Owen L. – It’s a good survey site with some good offers being made. It’s not my favorite site, but I do like it as an alternative for being outside the US. The payout options which include gift cards to playstation and Amazon are great for me.

Emilia R. – I’ve been a member for a year and I think the support isn’t helpful enough. I write emails but then get ignored.

Joe Z. – This is my favorite survey site that I’ve used. Lots of surveys and offer walls and they pay really good.

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Opinion Outpost Reviews

Opinions about Opinion Outpost

James D. – I couldn’t cash out after I finished my surveys. I thought I just had to wait a while but it never worked. Really angry!

Jessica P. – I was a loyal member of opinion outpost for years but lately it’s been causing me problems by not increasing my status. I really hope this gets figured out.

Kristian W. – So far I’d say this site is just alright. There haven’t been that many surveys and the cashout threshold is too high.

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Univox Community Valued Opinions

Opinions about Univox Paid Surveys

Kenny R. – It seems to me like every time I’m ready to cash out I get locked out and I’m never able to collect my prize! Support has never reached out to me to help.

Jerry T. – I tried to redeem my points a month ago and still haven’t been able to. Still waiting for support here…

Emily K. – This site has paid me really well and I would definitely recommend it.

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Honeygain Surveys Opinions

Opinions about Honeygain

Rosario R. – Honeygain has been awesome. Seems really easy to use and pays me on time, every time.

Bobby A. – It did take a while for me to get my payment but it did eventually arrive so I am satisfied.

Alexi Z. – I used the app a few months and at first it was really good but lately not so much because I had to wait some payments. Not so fast customer service.

As you can see there are many different experiences from users and this is just a small taste so make sure to read our full reviews on the many paid survey sites to get a full picture on each one!

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