Paid Surveys: Frequently Asked Questions

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When everybody think about the online paid surveys, doubts and questions pop up very often, because we are talking about a pretty unknown method of online earnings.  People are afraid to make mistakes or waste time , or are insecure about their own data management, but at the same time online surveys are a secure method to earn some money, so it’s better to understand deeply how surveys work.

So here as follow a run-down of many doubts and frequently asked questions about Paid Online Surveys.

Online Paid Surveys: the most common questions… and answers!

This is a real section of Questions & Answers that other users like you have asked before starting out with paid surveys or free product samples. We know the most frequent questions, plus we have hands-on experience in the world of paid surveys. So let’s jump in with all the answers you need.

💰 About Online Surveys Payments

Why do companies pay for surveys?

Companies want to know people’s opinions about services and products, especially before new products are launched. Understanding how much a product will be liked or how to improve it allows companies to make and market products that will be liked off the bat, and go on to keep selling. Instead, incorrect product forecasts will cause them serious losses. So companies need to get people’s opinions on certain aspects of their products, and they’re willing to pay for that information.

How much can you make from paid surveys?

It’s difficult to give an average estimate. The answer is always “it depends”: on how many surveys you receive each week, how many sites you’re registered with, and how much time you spend responding to the paid surveys.

Generally, on a single survey site, you can earn between 10 and 20 euros per month; on others, it will certainly be less (2 or 3 euros per month), but the surveys may be shorter; on others, the surveys will be infrequent but longer and better-paid. So, to maximize your earnings, you should try out different sites and register with as many as possible.

Do you earn cash or coupons as well?

You earn both: some sites will pay directly in money through PayPal top-ups; other online survey platforms will give you shopping vouchers with a value in euros for you to use on the most popular portals such as Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, and also shopping vouchers to spend at Walmart and other supermarkets.

So shopping vouchers are actually equivalent to a PayPal recharge as they allow you to buy goods that you would otherwise have to pay for with your money.

What is a Payout?

A payout is a threshold of credits or points that you must reach by completing surveys: until you reach the payout threshold, you can’t claim any rewards, whether shopping vouchers or money. On average, the various payouts are reached in from 1 to 3 months. In some cases, where surveys are less frequent, it can take up to 6 months.

So you have to get through the first few months completing surveys before seeing anything. Then, over time, you collect more credits and start collecting your payouts regularly.

Once I reach a payout threshold, how soon do survey sites pay out?

Usually from 30 to 60 days from your payment request. In some cases payment can be quicker – even within ten days but it depends on the site. Don’t worry, the money or vouchers do reach you!

Will I have to declare my earnings from surveys to the tax office?

Although all earnings – irrespective of currency – you cash in your bank account should be declared to the Inland Revenue, it’s also true that the way these fees are paid varies from site to site.

For example, some sites will pay you with vouchers for products or services which, technically, are not earnings in money but “in kind”, so they do not need to be declared. We recommend you always check with your accountant, who will know what to do.

✅ Reliability of Paid Survey sites, some rules and good-to-know tips

Why would I do surveys for free?

Occasionally survey sites offer you surveys to do for free. Instinctively, you wouldn’t do them, right? But here’s the thing: the time you take to do them is actually worth it! It’s in your interests to do unpaid surveys because by doing surveys for free, the survey sites will better understand your user type which means they can offer you more new paid surveys that better fit your consumer profile. So when you’re asked to do a free survey, we recommend you do it as it’s used to update and upgrade your user profile.

Should I always answer the surveys truthfully?

Yes, definitely! Here’s why: survey sites memorize your answers from time to time. They cross-reference to see if you’re making up the answers or if you’re consistent in your answers from one survey to the next. Plus, if you answer untruthfully, you could be excluding yourself from future paid surveys that would have been perfect for you in your real user-profile mode! So if you’re ever in doubt, always answer truthfully.

Are online survey companies reliable?

Obviously you can’t be 100% sure about all the companies, however the most famous and longest-established ones like Toluna, Opinion Outpost, Nielsen, Swagbucks  and many others are certainly reliable (check our main analysis on the online surveys at to see a more complete list, with reviews on each one). In any case, the risks are minimal. At worst, you’ve lost a few minutes on one or two surveys, but you’ll soon realize which sites are the ones to use. Usually the worst thing that can happen is that the payment arrives later than expected, but generally payments do always arrive.

How can I register?

Simply enter the required information, which is usually name, surname, residence, gender, year of birth, job, some general preferences, and sometimes also your annual income. In some cases, you can register by Facebook or Google Log-in, which is convenient!

Can survey sites share or spread my data, or trace it back to me, associating my choices and interests?

No, they can’t – and they don’t; also because they have no interest in doing so, as paid survey sites find value in the set of responses that a multitude of people provide to certain questions, or in the set of commercial interests and behaviours that a group of users follows. There is never any interest in the individual. Plus, new data-protection regulations reaffirm the protection of user data and the security of user data, so you can rest assured. Also programs such as Nielsen Panel Computer and Mobile track users’ preferences and tastes when browsing online anonymously. So we recommend you sign up because you will earn something without doing anything and in complete safety.

Can I unsubscribe from a survey site?

Yes, of course! You can unsubscribe whenever you want. Simply log in to your account and go to your account settings. You will see how to delete your profile. You can also limit the amount of communications from the survey site directly in each survey email you receive.

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