The Best Paid Survey Sites: the Most Reliable Ones

You may have heard about paid online surveys, perhaps from some friends or acquaintances. So what are they, and how do they work? Are paid surveys real and legit? And can paid surveys be a safe and effective way to earn money online from home?  How to get paid for surveys and which are the best paid survey sites?  Many questions, let’s be clear about them.

Here, we’ll be telling you just how to earn money with paid online surveys, explain how they work, and give you some tips to get more surveys (only reliable ones though!).

Survey sites are a good way to earn some extra money via internet by working from home: you only need to respond by subscribing to the platforms and then wait to be involved in the various surveys that are published weekly.

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🥇 Quick list: the best paid survey sites

Here are  the most reliable sites , according to our experience. Click and sign up for free!

Get paid to take surveys: some things to remember

Before comparing the various survey sites, here’s a list of a few things to remember about paid surveys:

  • Subscriptions to the sites are always free
  • You cannot take part in all the surveys, but only some, the choice is not up to you: the survey platforms decide which groups of people to assign the paid questionnaires to so there’s no point complaining that a given site is a “rip-off” if they don’t send you surveys. Actually, they do commission surveys but they have to match the user type to the survey they are conducting.
  • You can be involved in surveys based on your personal characteristics like gender, age, where you live, buying habits, whether you are a parent, what you earn, whether you use a credit card, your travelling habits (also abroad), type of car and other means of transport, etc. … We will soon talk about how to get more surveys in one of our more detailed sections.
  • You will be paid when you reach a sufficient number of points: you accumulate points by responding to the various online surveys. On reaching the minimum amount for payment, you request to be paid (with one click): you will then be paid in euros (by bank transfer or PayPal top-ups) or in vouchers. Often in Amazon vouchers! But that’s not all…
  • Surveys are easy to complete. All you need is a smartphone or tablet or PC. Usually you can complete a survey in 15-20 minutes at most, however there may be bursts of shorter or longer questions. The longer and more articulated the answers are required, the more (usually) you will be paid!
  • So why do survey sites pay you to answer simple questions? We will talk about this in our Questions and Answers section. Basically, it’s simply because companies – the various brands you find in stores – want to know more about consumers’ preferences. If they know what people like or how they shop, they can make better choices when marketing and so they can sell more! So how do they obtain the information? They ask the survey companies to find a lot of users with certain characteristics, and get them ask the users questions in exchange for payments or vouchers.
  • Some people may therefore have an advantage: for example, people with family and children, people who shop online or – even in physical stores – paying not only in cash but also by credit or debit card. Actually the type of user profile depends on the type of person or consumer that the survey platform is looking for at that time.
  • Quick tip: remember to often update your information related to each survey site. That way, your user profile will always be active and updated and will get picked more easily for the new surveys which you will receive by email.

So now you know how paid surveys work, let’s dive in and make some comparisons and see which online survey websites are the safest and most reliable ones.

[Read soon also some reviews of real online surveys from users who have already tried them: work in progress!]

The most reliable paid survey sites

Nielsen Computer and Mobile

Nielsen computer and mobile rewards panel reviewWho hasn’t heard of Nielsen‘s research and surveys? It is one of the world leaders in the field of statistical/marketing research, and has ongoing surveys in all the industrialized countries of the world. It has been operating for over 90 years!  With the Nielsen Computer and Mobile program, what you need to do is very simple:

  • You need to register, which is quick, and then provide some socio-demographic information
  • Download the Nielsen App either on your smartphone or on your computer.

That’s it. The App will allow Nielsen to automatically detect your preferences in terms of TV, radio, internet browsing, obviously in full compliance with the privacy policy (GDPR). We put Nielsen first because:

  • it’s the most famous and best-recognized company that does this type of commercial analysis and statistics worldwide;
  • you don’t have to do anything but simply keep the NielsenApp installed. So everything you earn, you will receive without spending even 1 minute of your time.

What you win with Nielsen polls

Shopping vouchers (e.g. Amazon) or other gifts and coupons that can be redeemed directly at the Nielsen portal where you sign up. The prizes can be household appliances, accessories, toys and much more. So, to recap: is very easy to use, it’s compatible on PC and Mac, smartphones or tablets, both Android and iOS. Difficulties: None! Marks: 10/10

Download the free App here

Start earning money with Nielsen


Toluna influencers paid surveysToluna is another big name on the world’s online surveys scene. Along with Nielsen and a few other platforms listed below, it is one of the sites that delivers the most questionnaires from month to month. Why? Because it has many corporate customers so always manages to be very generous with its users.

Just remember: the number of surveys you will receive will always depend on your characteristics and the time of year. So for one period they’re looking for someone like you while in another one they’re not.

What are the pluses with Toluna? Toluna Rewards

It has a lot of subscribers, a lot of polls and usually  pays higher value prizes , directly in cash through PayPal, Amazon vouchers or other vouchers and various prizes. Above all, Toluna is very easy to use: you will notice this already when registering: it’s super simple and has a pleasing interface.

You can also receive on average  3 to 4 surveys per month ; this is a very reliable, secure, site which pays on time. Register here for free with Toluna! We think Toluna is the best choice to earn some small money, giving free and unrestricted opinions on paid survey sites.

Make some money through Toluna!

Opinion Outpost

opinion outpost rewards and opinionsAnother big name in the online world of paid surveys is Opinion Outpost, which we talked about specifically here. It is one of the survey sites with an international scope: it has several locations around the world and a large number of surveys divided by nationality.

You will be asked simple questions about the products and services you use but with a strong focus on your buying habits and preferences. Based on your completed surveys, you will earn points that you can convert into money payments, via PayPal, vouchers (Amazon) or into credits to spend on App Store or iTunes.

Registration is quick and easy, also with Facebook Login or Google Login (just one click). At the first connection, you will be asked for various data and information: this step is important as it allows Opinion Outpost (and any survey site) to know your characteristics as a consumer and internet user so they can send you the right surveys to complete.

To give you an idea of size of the business generated and the amount of surveys (and their value) delivered online, Opinion Outpost distributed an average of 390,000 dollars of cash, vouchers and various other types of payment worldwide. So the “cake” is quite big: register and get your slice of it!

Opinion Outpost sign-up:

🇺🇸 US users sign-up
🇨🇦 Canada users sign-up

CrowdVille – small jobs and paid online questionnaires

crowdville surveys and crowdworksA separate mention must naturally be made to Crowdville. Indeed, it’s not a classic online survey site like the others mentioned above but a fully-fledged portal that offers many small jobs to do online, from your home or even simply by smartphone.

For example, you will be asked to do tests or trials of new websites, apps and software, mystery shopping (blind testing done at some shops) and, of course, surveys and questionnaires on various topics.

A recent survey we received read: Turn on your smartphone and tablet or iPhone and iPad, put on your headphones and turn up the volume: Saturday Night Fever starts now! Earn £10 for the final questionnaire, starting at £3.5 for each accepted entry, plus the chance to win two £45 Amazon vouchers thanks to our creative contest: “Which song keeps you forever dancing?” You can use pictures, gifs and videos: we’re looking forward to hearing from you!

There are clear benefits, especially in terms of increased online earnings you can receive with innovative portals like Crowdville:

  • From statistics shared by a few lucky users, you earn about 10 to 500 euros per month (500 euros per month are for the smartest users who will be lucky to be always in line with the requests of the target – in fact you will not always be able to access all the available jobs).
  • All in all, the tasks are simple, within the ability of all.
  • Some are a slightly different from the usual online surveys, which makes them definitely more fun to do.

Register for free in Crowdville from here

Surveyeah – International Survey site

surveyeah recension online earnings Surveyeah is an international survey site: this aspect may bring a small advantage, namely that there are many surveys and are aimed at local users of each country. So on average you will find a good number of paid surveys available week after week. There is usually a great interest for users with these features:

  • over 50 (but not only this age group, of course)
  • users with children
  • freelancers, managers, entrepreneurs – but also housewives, employees, users with domestic pets.

With Surveyeah, you get both Amazon vouchers and PayPal top-ups, so you’re rewarded in cash, in amounts from 10 to 20 dollars / euros. During our test, we obtained 3 – 4 surveys per month (but not always): please note that the frequency of sending surveys  always depends on the characteristics required for the sample needed for a specific campaign .


swagbucks review Swagbucks promises to put cash back in your wallet and this survey site absolutely delivers! Swagbucks has paid out over 500 million dollars to its members and you can see that it is highly rated with over 4 stars from its 19 thousand Trustpilot reviews. There are plenty of opportunities to take surveys once you become a member and they pay out 7 thousand gift cards every single day.

🔎 Our review on Swagbucks. You can read a detailed review about SwagBucks here, from our news area!

Once you join it’s easy to get rewards by doing your every day activities like surfing the web,  taking extra surveys, watching fun videos, and look for special offers . With 20 millions users all over the world it’s no wonder that Swagbucks has become one of the most attractive survey sites out there. If you’re still on the fence they sweeten the deal with a $10 Bonus when you join.

One of the other big benefits of Swagbucks is that they give you your rewards in a variety of ways like gift cards to some of the best stores like Walmart and Amazon, in addition to the option of  getting cash directly on PayPal . Surveys on Swagbucks tend to take about 20 minutes to complete so you’ll need to show some dedication if you want to earn a little spending money, but it’s definitely worth the effort.

Put some cash in your wallet with Swagbucks

Branded Surveys

branded surveys online paid pollAnother intriguing option for earning some cash or cool rewards is Branded Surveys. This site is particularly interesting because it is one of the rare survey sites that offers bank transfers to its members.

What else makes branded surveys worth signing up?

🔎 Our review on Branded Surveys. You can read a detailed review about Branded Surveys here, from our blog.

Their survey system is one of the fastest and easiest ways of getting regards for your opinion. To get started all you have to do is create a profile so they have a better idea of the people they are working with, that way your opinion carries even more weight. While you’re signing up Branded Surveys will ask you some super simple questions about your life experience. The more info that you provide the more surveys you can get matched for so it’s definitely worth it to provide as much of your info as possible.

The surveys are created by market research firms that work for some of the most important companies in the world. Like all surveys it’s important that you give honest answers so the market research is accurate and the cash for surveys system can continue thriving. You can cash out once you reach 1,000 points and there’s plenty of options for getting your rewards. Great reviews show that this site is worth checking out and there is an added bonus that you can invite your friends and earn even more easy points.

See for yourself why Branded Surveys is Win-Win.

Prize Rebel

prizerebel paid surveys-review PrizeRebel is a paid survey site that gets straight to the point! You can sign up with email or Facebook and then it’s time to start making money. They are really making a point to focus on the speed by which you can make money with them. Many of these sites are similar, so it’s important that they differentiate themselves in this important way. Like all the sites here it is free to sign up so don’t be hesitant to give it a try.

What else do I need to do to get started with PrizeRebel?

When you sign up they will ask you to fill out an initial questionnaire that in itself is actually quite interesting but easy. These simple questions will be about things like how many people live in your household, where you live, and what kind of job you are working at. Be warned, if they catch you giving fake information they may not pay you so make sure to give accurate info only.

How Much can you Earn with PrizeRebel?

With PrizeRebel you can get  from 10 dollars to a maximum of 50 dollars per month . The threshold to be paid is 25 dollars, so if you get 23 dollars, for example, you are not eligible to cash out yet. Read our full review of PrizeRebel here!

 You’ll have the option to update your info every 30 days  so if some of your details change don’t worry. Once you complete all the initial info you’ll be matched with survey.

Start making extra money with PrizeRebel.

Univox Community

univox community online paid surveys poll reviewFor one of the clearest and most easy to navigate user experience’s you have to explore Univox Community. Aside from the really neat web design you’ll be happy to know that you can start making real money just by joining the community. $2 won’t make you rich but it is a sign of things to come and you know straight away that this is a serious survey site.

It’s cool that the Univox Community has a forum on the website so that members can communicate with each other making it easier to learn from other users’ experience and motivation helping you navigate the system in order to earn as many rewards as possible.

🔎 Our review on Univox. You can read a some opinion about Univox here!

There’s a few more special features from Univox Community.

  • You can download the mobile app on both the iOS app store or Google Play so you can take the surveys wherever you go. This type of ease of use is something that makes this platform especially cool for those looking to earn some extra cash.

Don’t have time to check the website constantly? No problem! Sit back and relax because you’ll be getting emails when it’s time to take a survey. Can’t get much easier than that!

Join the Univox Community now!

Survey Time

surveytime online surveysAnother important site on the international survey scene is Surveytime. This site is available in many languages including English, German, French, Russian, Chinese and Spanish so most of the world’s major languages are covered! Aside from their ability to offer surveys in multiple languages they also know you want to make money so keep reading to see what Surveytime has to offer.

Surveytime is of course free to sign up for and once you sign up you can start making  $1 dollar per survey that you complete which is absolutely one of the most competitive rates  that you’re going to find on the survey sites market. You can sign up using your email address or using a social network like Facebook, google or twitter.

Once you get your confirmation mail you can answer some easy introductory questions so they know more about you and you’re ready to start earning.

Payout methods include PayPal, Coinbase, Amazon  or target gift cards so the options are plentiful. The other cool feature is that you’ll get notified in the way that’s best for you so if you prefer text message, email or web notification you’re covered. Of course you can always check the site as well!


honeygain paid survey reviewIf you’re looking for a site that is easy on the eyes while still providing its users with as much info and transparency as possible that Honeygain is the survey site for you. Boasting over 150 countries covered you’re going to be able to use this platform all over the world.

Definitely worth noting is that it has an average single payout amount of $26.58, which definitely up there with the best sites.

Now, honeygain is a bit different than some of the other sites because you won’t be directly providing information to the company, rather you install the app on your devices and this info is shared with businesses in the form of business cases.

Businesses are hungry for this kind of consumer info, so you’ll definitely be helping them out while passively earning some money for yourself. If you’re ready to download Honeygain then you can get started right now.

We dedicated a specific review about Honey Gain: you can find it here.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a particular opportunity to have your voice shape the future of business decisions regarding important products.

How to get involved in the Survey Junkie Community?

Here you can take part in a community that has millions of members from all over the world who are all motivated to have their opinions shape the future of the world for years to come. To join you’ll need to have an email address or social media like Facebook or google to sign in. You’ll also notice right away how well laid out the site is so you’ll find everything you need right away.

To compete surveys the email address you sign up with will be important because that is how you will be notified of survey invitations. The number of surveys that you get invited to complete will depend on the fluctuating numbers that can be seasonal or the suitability of members of specific surveys, which depend on a variety of biographical factors.

Surveys can range in their subject matter from issues including health, sports, travel and leisure or other aspects related to your daily life. Don’t be shy to sign up since no special skills are required.

Payments are made in the form of virtual points that can be redeemed for cool rewards.

Grab Points

grabpoints opinions reviewIF you like the idea of earning rewards in a variety of ways then GrabPoints is the right site for you. You can make some extra money by watching tv, answering online paid surveys or completing offers. GrabPoints recruits people like you to join their community because they get paid by advertisers so you have the opportunity to take advantage of this partnership.

This site makes it easy to sign up with either email, Facebook or google so you can see the ease of use right off the bat. In addition to the ease of sign up the best thing about GrabPoints is the tremendous amount of variety that they offer for gift cards or cash.

They are direct about the amounts that get paid out as well with some of the important ones like:

  • PayPal with payouts ranging from $5 – $100,
  • Amazon ranging from $5 – $200
  • Xbox Gift Card between $15 – $50.

With over 800 reviews on Trustpilot you can feel confident you are working with a reputable organization.

Get started with GrabPoints

Online Panel

online-panel-net survey club OnlinePanel is less known than the various Toluna, Nielsen or Opinion Outpost, however it’s an international panel website too and its characteristics certainly make it interesting:

  • Here you’ll find paid surveys but also small online jobs to do (mostly from home)
  •  The minimum payment is 10 dollars , which means you need to complete fewer surveys to collect your first payout via PayPal
  • Some questionnaires are really well paid:  up to 4 dollars per survey! 
  • It’s worlwide, as we said, so you will find surveys specific for your country, in your language!

As to the rest, the site and how to use the survey site are very similar to others: the logic is the same. We are talking about a very good and reliable site, with only one drawback: registering for membership seemed more complicated than other sites, but it wasn’t a big issue.

You can register without big problems and can then start receiving surveys by email or smartphone.

Real Opinions on OnlinePanel

We have found just on opinion on OnlinePanel:

Nat: From my experience so far, I’m marking this site as legit and I have had a good experience with it so far.

Triaba Logo international paid survey Triaba is an international portal for paid online surveys; it has many local versions, in every existing language. The company (based in Norway) is very reliable and has an essential and rare feature to find: payments start from € 5! With PayPal or Amazon vouchers. So the payout is very interesting.

Other important information:

  • Earning per survey: from $ 0.50 up to $ 5 per survey.
  • It takes about 5-7 days from payment request to receive your money.

We are going to talk about Triaba extensively in our blog area.


GFK is pretty famous in Europe, about consumer panel. Applications are not automatically accepted, but you can try to apply. If you are accepted, the results won’t be long in coming! In practice, in order to participate, simply register on the GFK website.

Once registration is complete, if accepted, GFK will send you instructions:

  • To scan your shopping at the supermarket in a totally anonymous way, using a barcode reader (often inside a phone App). It’s simple, quick and fun.
  • To identify your tastes in terms of TV and radio programmes. How? By simply using an App provided by GFK to keep installed in your phone. You don’t have to do anything!
  • To respond to surveys that you may receive from time to time on a wide variety of issues. Just answer and you’ll receive points to convert into prizes.

And on the subject of prizes: GFK has an extensive catalogue of prizes with various products and home appliances that you can claim on reaching enough points.

To sum up: It’s not easy to get into this panel of paid online surveys and market research, but it’s worth a try!

Opinions on GFK Paid Surveys

Peter from United Kingdom: I love the idea of sharing my views every day on what I watch etc.

Just some times the site is a bit confusing but I love answering their daily surveys 🙂

Barbara: I have just read several reviews about the GfK way of giving prizes to those of us who complete their daily questionnaires, and was appalled by the comments.

It is absolutely not true that nobody even wins anything. One of my daughters and I have been completing this for years. Many years ago, she won £500, on the strength of which we both took her two children to France for a few days.

I have frequently won a £2, £3 or £5 reward and a few weeks ago I received a £25 John Lewis voucher. In fact, when you go online to redeem the reward you can choose from a lot of different vouchers.

Steve: I’ve been doing GfK’s daily TV and radio surveys for several years and they don’t take long to complete.

There’s no guarantee that you’ll get any rewards at all as it’s just down to luck whether you win anything in the weekly draws – but I was lucky enough to win £100 last year, so the prizes do seem to be genuine.

You also accumulate points for completed surveys and you can use these to enter draws for specific prizes, although I’ve not been lucky with any of these yet.

Claire: I have used this survey-panel a lot over the years. It is a legitimate site and no scam. You collect reward points for the surveys you complete. I have done TV/Radio and also Smoking & Vape surveys so far.

I have been given a list of retailers where I can claim these rewards on. So Far I would like the list to be extended on where my winnings can be spent. But I am sure over time this will happen. Highly recommend

John from UK: Gives your mind a kick start every time. Easy to access & keeps you alert.

Carolyn: I am in my third year of mystery shopping with this company. Excellent selection of jobs, reasonable rates of pay, sensible assignments that are usually straightforward. Only ever get the very odd query, always by phone and always polite but friendly with it. Have undertaken some interesting special assignments – very good indeed at paying promptly, they never, ever try it on. Strongly recommend.

Google Opinion Rewards

google opinion rewards paid surveysThis Google App (therefore maximum guarantee of reliability) is often little-known.

It’s an app  for Android users only (if you have an iphone, you can’t download it) and asks you very quick questions, which you have to answer with a multiple choice in just a few seconds. You can download it from here.

google rewards surveysThese are questions about what kind of user you are, how you like to shop, what videos you prefer to watch on YouTube and so on, if you visited some local stores and so on.

 Maximum duration of a survey: 30 seconds! In exchange you receive from 10 to 30 cents in your Google Wallet, which you can spend on Google Play (to buy Apps), or on Google Music or Google Movie to buy movies to watch on your devices.

It’s not bad: minimum effort, maximum yield (the money you earn, you spend for your free time on Google platforms)

Opinions on Google Opinion Rewards

Gianni from Italy: Pros: This app is easy to use and very remunerative. Cons: the bad thing is that you can only have the coupon for google play.

Simon from United States: I love this app. I have made over $200 since I got it, I am able to buy/rent films, books, games from the playstore, for answering a few 3-5 question surveys every few days. Location being on will get you more surveys!! A winner!

Richard from United Kingdom: The surveys are always quick and simple, they pay anywhere from £0.06 to 0.25 and it adds up fairly quickly but limited to where they can be spent.

Margaret from Australia: Love this as I can easily do it on my phone, see the reward as soon as the survey is done and I love that I can redeem from Google play.

Jennifer from United States: This is a really cool way to earn some rewards for your Google Play account to buy games or apps, add-ons, anything Google Play related! (Google Play Music is included!)

There could always be more survey chances more often!

Rebecca from United States: Surveys are fast. I always get notified when a survey is available. The rewards are easy to use on the Google play store.

[Italians only] – Idee e Opinioni by Nextplora

IdeeOpinioni (formerly Idee & Opinioni by Nextplora) is a smaller portal than Toluna and Nielsen, in fact it is intended just for italian users. It has two highly-important, often hard-to-find features that all user want:

  • a constant stream of surveys to answer: we receive 3 to 4 every week;
  • they are very quick to complete. With Nextplora, you usually complete an online survey in 10 to 15 minutes.

survey ideeopinioniHere’s a screenshot from our email (on gmail): Nextplora sends out hundreds of surveys on the most varied and amusing topics.


The prizes range from 0.40 cents up to about 1 euro per survey completed; There is also an App, so you can easily do paid surveys from anywhere.

The payments you’ll receive are in vouchers that can be spent in a lot of famous international and italian stores: Amazon, Esselunga, Bennet, Decathlon, iTunes, Kiko, Bimbo Store, Foot Locker, Chicco, OVS, Nike, Nintendo, Toys Center, VolaGratis, Zalando, PittaRosso, PreNatal, Yoox and many others.

Register here with ideeOpinioni!

Survey Pronto

Surveypronto international online earningsYou can subscribe to SurveyPronto here.

Some reasons to try:

  • Entry bonus of 5 dollars on registration.
  • Very quick to register, with little information required, or with Facebook login.
  • Payment in cash to PayPal.
  • Payouts starting from 30 dollars
  • International website, of course! Pick your language, sign-up and start to earn some cash.

The site shares little information but is in many languages, as it is an international survey site. Surveys are also rather short and frequent, with small earnings for each survey (starting from as little as $ 0.60).

The only thing to watch for could be that some reviews of SurveyPronto state that, as the $ 30 threshold approaches, there is a reduction in the number of surveys received. We have no proof of this as many users have exceeded the threshold of 30 dollars, so it’s worth trying (since they are short and fast surveys, you don’t waste time). Plus, the 5 dollars bonus when registering is not bad at all!


paid surveys lifepointsWe more confidently recommend LifePoints (you can register here): this site presents itself immediately very professionally, with a clear and fast registration.

On registering,  you receive an immediate gift of 10 lifepoints . Lifepoints are the points you get by completing surveys when opening emails, being consistent and quick in replying to surveys sent, and when updating your data, when requested.

  • Generally, you will receive about a dozen surveys per month
  • Payouts start already from 5 dollars
  • Earn money with PayPal or rewards (Amazon and other popular sites and e-commerces)

Read the LifePoints Review and some opinions in our blog!

How the LifePoints Panel works

Registered users receive surveys to fill in by email (so always keep an eye on your email!).

Important:  You need to start answering surveys quickly  as the number of surveys available is limited (and also the time in which a survey remains open).

LifePoints Diaries – A super new feature of LifePoints is that you may be asked to fil out some sort of “diary”: basically, for a certain period of time you have to mark a series of habits or interests.

Products to test for free – These are not only surveys, but also gift products that you will NOT have to return. They will be yours to keep. As you may already know, companies need opinions and reviews on their products to better understand how to improve and sell them. Sometimes on LifePoints you’ll also have the opportunity to receive products to try at home for free.

If you like free products and samples, then you will read soon our review of the best free-sample sites!