Online Paid Survey Panels: How to Make Money with Surveytime

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Did you know that there is a practical and fun way to make money? By participating in online paid survey panels and answering simple questions, you can receive Amazon vouchers and real payments via Paypal.

Most of the panels provide for a collection of points, with each completed questionnaire you receive points that can be spent on vouchers and gifts. Before receiving the payment or the gift card, you often have to wait a bit.

Surveytime, on the other hand, is one of the few panels on the market that offers immediate payment for each questionnaire delivered.

This means you won’t have to wait to claim your reward. If you want to know the Surveytime offer, keep reading this article about Surveytime paid surveys: let’s read some real opinions and a complete review about Surveytime.

What is Surveytime?

surveytime online surveys Surveytime is a well-known online paid survey panel, which administers questions from various research institutes and companies. The collected data are used exclusively for commercial purposes. Don’t worry, the information you provide will be protected and your privacy is guaranteed. Participation in the Surveytime program is free and there are no restrictions on participation.  Also, you can unsubscribe from the panel at any time. 

⚡️ As we have already mentioned, the main feature of Surveytime is that there is no point collection, but at the end of each questionnaire delivered, you can request immediate payment.

 For each survey delivered you will receive 1 USD , to be converted according to the dollar exchange rate. Payment will be via PayPal or through an Amazon voucher.

How does Paid Surveys on Surveytime work?

In order to take part in the program:

  • you must first register for the panel,
  • be a resident in one of the countries listed,
  • be at least 18 years of age.

After entering your details and answering some questions (which will facilitate the administration of the surveys) you will receive a confirmation email and you will have completed the registration.

Enter a valid email address and confirm your account by clicking on the verification link, sent by email. You will then be enabled to receive questionnaires and participate in surveys.

Remember that for each new survey available, you will be notified. So check your email often, because you will receive all communications and surveys there.

Other relevant information about paid surveys via Surveytime

  • ⏱ To fill in the single questionnaire you can take between 15 and 20 minutes, up to 30 minutes.

You may decide to take half an hour a day to relax and answer simple questions.

  • 5️⃣ You can receive up to 5 survey invitations per day. They won’t always be right for you and your needs. Sometimes you may be disappointed, but over time you will be able to make extra money.
  • As soon as you have finished the questionnaire, you will see a screen that will confirm that you have sent the questionnaire and you will be asked how you want to collect the payment: via Paypal or with an Amazon voucher.
  • 💵 As we have already mentioned,  the fee is equal to one dollar for each completed survey . However, you may also receive surveys worth 0.50 cents.
  • 💰 The maximum you can earn is $3 per day.

Are you ready to start? All you have to do is give your opinion on products and services.

In summary, here are 4 steps to join the panel:

  1. Sign up, by entering your email address or by logging in through a social account
  2. Fill your data
  3. Answer surveys
  4. Select your favorite payment option (PayPal or Amazon).

You can also earn extra money by inviting a friend to join the program and fill out their first questionnaire. In return, you will receive a referral code that will guarantee you a dollar. 

Why should you take Surveytime surveys?

If you’re still undecided and don’t know whether or not to participate in Surveytimes polls, we leave you some panel advantages and disadvantages to be considered.

About vantages:

  • Payment is online and immediate
  • You can apply for Amazon gift cards
  • You will hardly be excluded from a survey
  • The panel is easy and intuitive to use
  • Polls are fun.

Some disadvantages

We leave you some practical tips:

  • Answer questions truthfully and honestly, you may receive similar questions. The panel will outline your profile over time and in case of contradictory elements, you will be reported.
  • Use Survey Time from mobile. It is more practical and you can answer polls at any time, even when you are in line or stuck in traffic.
  • Check your email address often, you will receive all communications and new surveys there.

Opinions on Surveytime

Sometimes, before subscribing to a panel it may be useful to know who has already used the service. If you search online you can find different opinions on Surveytime, mostly positive. To make your work easier, we have selected for you some reviews, so you can check out Surveytime’s strengths.

Opinions about Surveytime

Ben: Great poll site! I receive payments immediately, I am satisfied with it.

Michael: It is quite easy to complete the questionnaires.

I enjoy taking surveys when I’m out and about with my wife. She goes shopping and I am waiting for her at the exit of the shops. I cheat time by answering Surveytime’s questions and making money.

Alicia: Excellent survey website, I receive payments via Paypal, I recommend it.

Cindra: I’ve been taking surveys for about 12 years, it’s my favorite hobby. There is not a panel as efficient as Surveytime. Pay quickly and well.

Well, after discovering the Surveytime program, what are you waiting for? Create your account and start earning and having fun!

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