Make Money on the Web with Crowdville: Paid Online Surveys and Beyond

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In today’s article, we analyze an online survey site that is perhaps less well-known than Toluna etc., and also very different in terms of the type of paid work it offer for its subscribers. Let’s talk about Crowdville, an online earning site we’ve been trying for a long time.

Let’s say “online earning site” and not only paid-surveys site, because this site is a real community – almost a social network – where you can subscribe to very different jobs to earn something on the internet. There are surveys but also many micro-jobs and online “bug checking” activities… Read on to see what we’re talking about!

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Crowdville: paid surveys, micro jobs and various online earning opportunities

A mission on crowdville sent via email
A new mission on crowdville sent via e-mail

Crowdville is not just a portal where you can find surveys for a fee. In fact, it offers a whole series of micro jobs and particular requests, such as for example:

…observe or report your phone-bill data, make a shopping experience in the supermarket by making some predetermined observations (for example on the store’s cleanliness) or simulate online shopping, find errors or problems on a site or app.

So in fact it is a site that offers surveys but also, for example, paid mystery customer tasks and market analysis. There are plenty of campaigns to sign up for!

The graphics are eye-catching and the look is one of a real community – almost a Social Network – where you can connect with other registered users.

A registered subscriber, or “crowder”, expresses their opinion on a product and service, providing brands with useful information about new products to test, often also virtual products such as apps or websites to preview.

The way it works is very simple: you sign up, discover the “missions” available, apply to the various missions and, if you like, you can invite your friends to participate too. No special technical skills are required: If apps and websites need to be analyzed, just be familiar with your smartphone and be observant when it comes to finding bugs or malfunctions.

These tasks usually require more time and attention than surveys but they are also paid better.

The Crowdville community and how campaign participation works

Earnings can be in cash or in vouchers to spend on online stores. There are over 30,000 Crowdville community members who interact with each other through the internal social network called Otium. On Otium, users exchange opinions on the service and campaigns, post videos and photos; you can also participate in surveys and quizzes proposed by the community. On this “internal” social media – very similar in the Facebook interface and therefore easy to use – you can also find the campaigns to participate in, which, however, are also sent to subscribers by email.


One task often required in Crowdville campaigns is to be able to take screenshots or record your computer screen to prove you have performed the required actions in an online campaign or survey, or also to show any errors that appear. It is simple to do, though, and within everyone’s reach.

New users are usually invited to participate in a test campaign to become familiar with how the site operates: it is important to take part in the test campaigns because they will also give you access to future paid campaigns.

Some campaigns are also limited in number so you need to complete pre-staffing questionnaires and send them to Crowdville. In all cases, all the campaigns have precise start and end dates.

An example of an active campaign on Crowdville, up to 350$ per person

To give you an idea of the tasks on Crowdville, let’s see a past campaign, which allows for payment of up to 350 dollars per year.

The funny thing is, you didn’t have to do anything: just keep a sensor at home that may improve your internet connection, reaching 1,000 MB per second through one of leading telephone operators.

If anything, the problem is more one of being selected to participate: you need to have a connection with optical fibre or one with certain characteristics, and have an internet connection with certain selected operators. We can’t quote them here in this article: but if you sign up for Crowdville, you can find out more if the campaign is still running when you sign up.

Participation is subject to completing a questionnaire. You will be asked to provide information that will help Crowdville understand who to select. Of course, the number of participants is closed; so you have to try and .. sooner or later .., with a little luck..

Most active Crowdville users, prize contests and Amazon vouchers

Crowdville charts the most active users on a monthly basis, i.e. those who have participated in multiple campaigns and reported technical problems with the apps: the more a bug is considered important, the more you will be paid (up to about 15 dollars). Of course, there are also simpler campaigns for those who are less acquainted with smartphones and computers that only require you to provide your opinions by filling in online questionnaires from your PC smartphone or tablet.

The site also offers opportunities to participate in competitions, for example “Every friend is a treasure: in this competition, you bring friends to the “Bank Hero 5” campaign and you can win Amazon voucher of 100 dollars each.

If you love the app world and want to make money online, the Crowdville community is the right place for you.

Register here with Crowdville!

Quick registration: enter your data, click the confirmation email and do the test campaigns! –> register here with Crowdville

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