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Have you heard of LifePoints Panel before? This pretty new, internationally famous, online survey site came from the merger of two old survey websites: MySurvey and Global Test Market. However, with Life Points there are new rules and new features: let’s find out which ones are, answering the most frequent questions from users.

💵 How much can you earn with LifePoints?

paid surveys lifepointsFirst of all you need to know something about credits and income, which are the first thing all users are looking for:  during registration users will receive 10 free points, and another 2-3 points for each unassigned survey . Furthermore you can be paid after reaching the $5 threshold: this means that every time you reach this amount you can ask to obtain it as you want.

But what is the value of one LifePoints?

In the new panel, 1,100 points are 1$, so 10 free points gained after registration correspond with a value of less than one cent. We are talking about a symbolic credit, which has not a real economic value.

In order to get 5$, the user must earn 5,500 points, which can then be converted into cash (via PayPal) and into gift cards, which can be used for example on some well known websites, such as Amazon or iTunes.

How many surveys are available in LifePoints?

This is one of the most occurring curiosities from users, who surf on a survey portal for the first time.

As fixed by Life Points, after registration the user will  weekly receive about 2-3 surveys. A whole set of  8-12 surveys  will be sent to you monthly. For each survey is needed between 15 and 30 minutes of your time.

Remember that after starting the survey,  it will not be available for long: it is timed. For this reason it is very important to fill it as soon as possible. You should keep an eye on your email account in order to not miss a new email from LifePoints.

5 curiosities about LifePoints

Before starting your online earning activities on LifePoints website, you would know some facts.

  1. The Life Points community has 5 million members worldwide
  2. Online surveys can only be completed from Personal Computer, smartphones and tablets.
  3. Every country has its own surveys to be completed (if you live in USA, you can’t join surveys for french users, for example)
  4. Among the features of LifePoints there is also the “diary”. LifePoints may ask you to fill in a diary with your habits or interests for a while. This information is in fact very useful for some companies.
  5. In addition to filling out surveys on LifePoints,  you may also receive products to review . The products are gifts from some companies to users: you do not have to return them.

If you like the free samples mode, we will write soon a full guide on this topic.

The advantages of using LifePoints

In summary, the features and benefits of LifePoints are:

  • The activity usually offers you to complete 6-8 surveys monthly, if your profile meets the requests of the panels.
  • Each survey takes about 15 to 30 minutes. But actually could take longer to compile, it depends on your ability.
  • You can get paid after earning 5$ minimum threshold
  • After gained points, you can get paid with cash via PayPal or with gift cards (on websites such as Amazon and iTunes for example)

💬 LifePoints: the opinions of those who have tested it

“Surfing online, most of the opinions on Life Points are positive.”

Users appreciate the website’s reliability and extreme accuracy for creating surveys and for payments. The majority say it is the best website for earning through surveys. Although this is a personal opinion, everyone has their own preferences.

 If compared to the time spent, the value of the rewards satisfies the customers . On the other hand, there are also some complaints: the weaknesses of Life Points seem to be the inconsistencies found by few users in various surveys, the difficulty in understanding some pages and the deadline of the surveys not so clear.

The system, in fact, announces the deadline for completing the surveys, but this does not always seem to respect the actual duration of the user’s commitment.

There are also other users who complain about the presence of a few surveys assigned by the system and therefore of limited use of the portal, but this – as we know –  it cannot be a valid reason to complaint, because it depends on how online paid surveys work  and how often they are sent.

Certainly a lot depends on your profile, your data and your interests. The panel in fact draws the most interesting profiles for its final purpose, possibly excluding more often all the others.

What emerges is that Life Points is considered a pleasant pastime, a well-structured panel, with excellent customer services, where you can answer interesting surveys and gain some extra money.

Opinions on LifePoints

Opinions about Lifepoints

Suhartini from Indonesia: I have been a subscriber of Lifepoints since 2014. It is very interesting and useful. Fast in redeeming points and always a success for submitting all the surveys!

James from United Kingdom: The site is very trustworthy. After completing enough surveys for a reward I received my chosen Amazon gift card within a few days and redeemed it with no hassle. Highly recommended.

Samir from India: Quick customer support service.. genuine site.. gives rewards.

Anshu from India: I would like to share my wonderful experience on this survey panel. This is a completely awesome survey site which anyone can find now.

It has various rewards options and an adequate amount of surveys weekly. You can earn a lot and also provide your experience and opinions to brands in the form of surveys.

Sy from United Kingdom: Generally I receive 2-4 surveys a day from them and can actually qualify for most. Sometimes there are some tech issues on the site that disrupts survey availability. All my correspondence with the team has been dealt with quickly and fairly.

Amanda from United States: I recommend this app to anyone who does paid surveys. This is one of few sites that it’s actually worth it.

Join LifePoints and spread the word to your friends!

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