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Nielsen computer and mobile rewards panel reviewThe website Nielsen & Computer Mobile Rewards allows anyone who registers to earn money online by taking part in market research with an App. So let’s talk about  one of the best and safest paid survey apps . Download the Nielsen App and you can accumulate points to redeem later for prizes. The goal of companies in these cases is to improve their products or services, so they want to understand users’ tastes and preferences.

When registering for the Nielsen program, you leave information about your consumption preferences and the devices used in your family: computers, tablets, smartphones. The prizes also consist of vouchers and gift cards.

💰 Earn money with Apps and surfing online: the Nielsen program and Computer mobile

Nielsen has a worldwide presence as a research company that is a leader in the sector. It collaborates with Audiweb, an agency that studies qualitative and quantitative data of Internet users in Italy, for example, and with similar agencies all over the world.

Its aim is to learn as much as possible about the habits, tastes and preferences of consumers in over 100 countries worldwide.

The data which the company processes are panel-type ones, ongoing market observations and measurements over time on a pre-established sample of people.

The Nielsen & Computer Mobile Panel studies  how consumers use the internet by visiting websites and the content they see  (text, video, audio) as well as the applications they use.

Participating members receive points worth between €30 and €60 per year.

The Nielsen Mobile App does NOT detect sensitive data such as passwords and user IDs. Instead, it tracks the internet sites users visit and how long they stay on them, always anonymously, so you can feel 100% secure. It also tracks the general activity of the computer and mobile device. To reiterate: the identity of users is separated from the data collected as per current privacy and cookie laws.

This is the scanner which, in some cases, you can receive at home for free. It’s all much more fun! Alternatively, there is also a version of the scanner directly inside the Nielsen App, which uses the smartphone’s camera to scan products purchased during shopping. After collecting data from participants in online surveys, it combines the results with information collected from other similar sources.

Participation is free and open to all over 18 (otherwise parental permission is required). An important condition concerns the legitimate ownership of the devices on which one accepts the installation of software to monitor internet user behaviour. In some cases, Nielsen sends a kind of scanner home for free. It’s similar to those used by store cashiers for scanning the products you buy.

💬 Earning with the Nielsen & Computer Mobile Panel Rewards: opinions and reviews

The opinions and comments on the web about the Nielsen & Computer Mobile Program are positive. Many users have also reported enjoying using the scanner they received at home to monitor their shopping and consumer purchases. After installing the software on your device, you continue to surf as usual without interruptions or crashes, and you can forget about the program: in fact, except for any tasks using the scanner, there is nothing else to do.

Many reliable sites and forums full of users that we have found online agree with our opinion and testify to the reliability and professionalism of the Nielsen & Computer Mobile Program as being an efficient system that lets you effortlessly earn online.

By accumulating points from month to month, you can earn Amazon vouchers, which are the most popular, or you can receive small jewellery (costume jewellery), household or electronics items. Payments start from 5 euros (payout). But there is not only Amazon: you can receive vouchers for purchases on Media World, Ikea and many others.

📲 How to register with Nielsen & Computer Mobile

Registering with the Nielsen & Computer Mobile Panel

As mentioned, to register with Nielsen & Computer Mobile, simply complete your registration with your details from here.

Only one registration is allowed per family. Immediately afterwards you can download the Nielsen Mobile App on all your registered devices, i.e. smartphones, tablets, PCs etc. It is a secure app that you can find on both the iOS App Store and the Android Play Store, it’s not annoying or invasive, and doesn’t even take up much space on your device.

Minimum requirements – those who register with the program should have an Android device (version 2.3 and later) or iOS (version 3G and later, including iPad and iPod touch). Installation is easy and intuitive.

When registering, you’ll earn 600 welcome points to get you on your way! Of course, if you uninstall the App from your device, you can no longer be “tracked” and receive vouchers and awards, so it’s important to remember to keep the various Apps must installed. This program is an innovative system that allows online browsing behaviour to be analyzed, always anonymously.

💵 How much can you earn, and how does the Nielsen & Computer Mobile online earning program work?

Few things to be known about rewards with this main panel:

  • Prizes can be claimed already starting from 250 points, to win over 400 prizes immediately,
  • or you can take part in lotteries,
  • or take part in surveys for cash prizes or extra earnings.
  • When navigating using the registered device, the Nielsen & Computer Mobile software “accumulates” points that you can check on by going to your personal area “My points”.

Once the software/App is installed, every time you first access the internet, it will ask you which family member is surfing the net at that time. Continue by clicking on your name or the “guest” button”. A good internet connection will be enough to let the Nielsen & Computer Mobile Program work and earn you lots of cash prizes and vouchers.

Those who participate in the panel or survey are free to decide how long they wish to take part in this research project: If you uninstall the application, recording stops immediately but your Nielsen account remains open for 6 months, so you can consider joining again.

The Nielsen Company is a company with global representation. Founded in the United States, today it is based in London and is one of the best-known companies of its kind worldwide. For every research panel member, we have questioned or read opinions and reviews about, Nielsen is definitely a professional sector player, also for participation in surveys and other market-research methods. Nielsen carefully selects its surveys and studies, which are then collected specifically for their customers around the world.

The company is a member of the global professional association of market researchers, ESOMAR. The data is used exclusively for market research. Suppliers store all information according to strict legal data-protection regulations in Europe that guarantee the privacy of the most sensitive personal information.

Nielsen Computer Mobile Real Opinions

Nielsen Reviews and Opinions

Gary from UK: The Nielsen Mobile panel is at the top of the list for remuneration as it doesn’t actually take much effort – you install a plugin in your browser or phone and that’s it – As long as you don’t mind the possible security and privacy aspects then it is pretty much rock solid and regularly gets you a £10 Amazon Voucher!

maciek_ryba: My experience with Nielsen Computer was really good, I truly recommend it

antoniom: Simple to install, just forget it and let it earn you money =)

harishkamathuk: It was paid after a while – I had almost given up hope of getting it : )

p38jlightning: More than a year but better than nothing

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