Earn Money with the Internet in Simple Ways for Everyone

earn money with internet
 Are you interested in making money online? When talking about the internet and making money, the web has very clear pros and cons.

The merits: anyone can make their own “social climb” from home, and earn their own slice of success: it is a tool that withholds, often free of charge, every form of knowledge and information which, if well applied and studied with passion and patience, can allow anyone to achieve their goals: perhaps a new job, a start-up venture, a new way of earning from home, fame and success, and of course unexpected earnings.

The faults: it all looks quick and easy, doesn’t it? Instead it’s not like that. Any worthwhile lasting result is for a few tenacious, lucky even, users.

It is a drawback that actually comes under the heading of “hot-air sellers” of the internet, who inflate false expectations with ambiguous and fanciful ads and stories: they suggest that, on the web, everything is possible and fast and that you just have to want it.

Which is not true: it’s not only about will but being well-informed and patient.

The most immediate search key is making money online, which – unsurprisingly if you arrived on this page –  is one of the most-searched on Google. 

Until a few years ago, people relied almost exclusively on their main job for their income, possibly earning something extra with part time odd-jobs, but there were restrictions of time and location, so there was little time left for anything else. Today too, earning extra is possible however the issue of time and energy is still just as pertinent.

The advent of the internet has revolutionized everything. The internet is almost a “time machine” because it makes available some mechanisms for earning extra (or even a career reinvention) quickly and from home, without the need to travel, to have special skills or to invest one’s own money.

There are some jobs that are very simple where there is little to earn; others relatively easy and others that are very difficult. In today’s article, we’ll be talking about the very simple ones, which can be done by anyone, without special skills or knowledge, and which don’t take up too much time. All you need is a tablet or PC or smartphone and an internet connection.

Earn money online with simple tasks

There are a lot of websites with thousands of registered users,  who are asked to perform a series of micro-actions , such as watching a video on YouTube, following an Instagram account, clicking on banners, leaving an opinion on paid surveysetc. The actions required are so simple, paid just a few cents or a few tens of dollars at a time.

We want to be clear and up-front: you don’t get rich like that, naturally. But if you are patient, you can earn a few extra euros if you can find a task that’s not too boring or doesn’t take too long to complete (the risk is of dropping out due to boredom after only finishing some of the tasks and not being paid because you haven’t reached the minimum pay-out threshold).

Some sites where you can try out micro-jobs are, for example, the not existing anymore Amazon Mechanical Turk (one of the first to offer these “crowdworking” jobs). Registration was subject to Amazon’s judgement. So you should look at sites such as:

  • Castingwords: to provide  paid transcription and text-creation services . Can you write? Good. After signing up for free, you can choose the jobs you want to do. Due to the nature of the work, it’s best to perform the jobs from a computer as you can type faster with a keyboard than a smartphone.
  • Crowdville.net: the tasks of which are more testing, but which can be paid quite well (10-15 euros to up to over 100 euros for some jobs). It also has some surveys.
  • Clickworker: on Clickworker, you fill out online surveys, translate texts, create descriptions (of images or products), do research online, test apps etc.
  • Microworkers: similar to the previous site, you will have to make transcripts of phone calls, surveys, image categorization and other similar tasks.

These are just some of the crowdworking sites available. Try them to you’ll find out if crowdworking floats your boat. But we recommend you keep reading… the best is yet to come!

The best way to earn something easily: Surveys to earn some extra money online

One of the best-known ways to earn something easily is by filling out online surveys. Surveys are easy, and generally quick and within the scope of everyone to complete. There are also many sites in english of course, and in specific languages that offer this possibility: Toluna, Swagbucks, Nielsen, Surveyeah, Google Rewards… and others.

Check out our selections as follow: you can see a list of reliable surveys in english above all, with descriptions and opinions.

But… What do you have to do to make money doing surveys?

Quite simply, keep reading…

What do you have to do to make money doing surveys?

💻 Register with survey sites, leaving your contact information and preferences: who you are, who you live with, where you live, if you have brothers/sisters, if you have children, how old you are, your buying habits and interests, also how much you earn, what work you do etc.

📲 Receive surveys via email or App. Don’t complain if you get fewer surveys at certain times compared to your friends; it can happen: survey sites are paid by various brands and companies to conduct market research.

These market researches and analyses are carried out on precise population types who have specific socio-demographic characteristics (age, gender, location etc). For some surveys, your profile may not be suitable because perhaps they seek a “woman, over 50 from Texas or Arizona” and you’re a male blue-collar worker under 40 years of age, from NY.

It’s normal and has to be accepted. At other times you will be contacted while others won’t be.

💵 Fill in surveys and reach the “pay-out” to receive payments: after every survey you complete, you will be rewarded with credits or a cash value. You will only receive payment or the promised shopping vouchers when you reach a pre-set “pay-out” threshold (usually 10, 25 or 50 dollars).

So you’ll have to complete more than one survey to start receiving your money; actually, to maximize your online earnings,  you should register with several survey sites. 

As you can see, it’s all rather simple. You won’t become rich but for those with patience and the will to experiment, there is some satisfaction!

Simply start and then you’ll find your favourite way of earning online: good luck and have fun!

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