Branded Surveys Review and Opinions: What You Need to Know

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You’ll notice immediately that there is something that stands out with Branded Surveys. With it’s crystal clear design, the user experience is first class all the way, with this important paid survey site.

Through this article you are going to read a precise Branded Surveys review: the common opinions about this paid survey site, how to sign-up, how it works and which rewards are available for registered users.

branded surveys online paid pollIf you’re reading this article then something tells us that you’re interested in making a little bit of spending money or rewards on the side and you need to know which sites amongst the money out there is going to be worth your time. Well, look no further because Branded Surveys is one that stands amongst the best.

Nowadays there are so many ways to make money online and many people out there have time at home, so if this sounds like you or you simply like the idea of having your opinion noted by important companies around the world, then this article is for you.

Branded Surveys review: online opinions and why it is so trustworthy

As with anything online (or offline for that matter) you have to do your due diligence to make sure you’re getting involved with a project that is on the straight and narrow. When it comes to Branded Surveys,  we can see HUGE evidence from real people who have left thousands of review and this is what immediately sets Branded Surveys apart.

Over thirty thousand users have left reviews on Trustpilot, one of the most reputable sources of reviews, have been made and they have an “excellent” status with many users saying it is their favorite survey site. With Branded Surveys you can be sure you’re working with the best.

Branded Surveys Rewards: what’s in it for you

Getting to work with some of the most well respected companies in the customer research industry is cool, but let’s be real – the rewards are cooler! What kind of rewards, you ask? Well, how about Amazon, PayPal and Visa!

Pro Tip

Being the savvy consumer research company that it is Branded Surveys knows that different kinds of customers want different kinds of rewards, so they have some distinctions between the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

  • If you’re from the  United States  you’ll easily recognize names like Dunkin Donuts, Krispy Kreme, Texas Roadhouse, American Eagle and so much more.
  • Meanwhile in  Canada , big names like Tim Hortons, Bass Pro Shops or Best Buy are on the menu for getting rewards.
  • The same in the UK, considering that there are generally different kinds of shops for consumers to shop across the Atlantic with New Look, Caffe Nero, Pizza Express and much more.

The point is that whether you are looking for your rewards in the form of globally recognizable brands like Nike and Amazon or national brands in your country, there is something for you to like!

Let’s get to work! How to register to Branded Surveys

By now you’re probably pretty excited about the idea of getting started so let’s dive into the nuts and bolts of getting started with Branded Surveys.

✅ Step 1 – Creating Your Profile

The first thing you need is to create your profile. This is really important to the market research companies because the quality of the data depends on knowing about the person providing the information. During the initial sign up process you’ll be asked a couple of very easy questions. Keep in mind –  the more information you provide, the more surveys you’ll be able to take , because you’ll be more easily matched up.

📲 Step 2 – Take Online Paid Surveys

Once you’ve finished your profile, the fun part starts. You’ll have access to your account and see a dashboard.

On the dashboard you’ll find surveys that are matched to you based on your profile. All the surveys tell you how long they should take to complete and the number of points you’ll get for completing it.

When you take the survey make sure to put in an honest effort because these systems are designed to filter out users who race through and provide inaccurate info just to get the rewards.

🎁 Step 3 – Getting Your Rewards

 The important number to keep your eye on here is 1,000 points . Once you hit that important number, you’ll be able to cash out and redeem your rewards.

This is one of the best moments because you get to decide how you want to collect your rewards, whether you want them in the form of money in your PayPal or Branded Pay account or if your prefer gift cards.

Any other ways to earn points with Branded Surveys

Chances are you might know some other people who like the idea of earning some extra money while completing some simple activities. All you have to do is invite family, friends or people in your social networks and if they reach a solid standing within the system you’ll get bonus points!

The Last Word

We’ve reviewed so many paid survey sites and we can say that Branded Surveys is easily one of the best in terms of ease of use.

Especially users in the US, Canada or UK this is definitely a survey site you need to get started with.

Opinions on Branded Surveys

Here as follow some opinions on Branded Surveys site.

Real Opinions about Branded Surveys

Amber from United States: I do many surveys from many other survey apps and this is a great one to use. The payout amount is $10. You can redeem your points to paypal or almost any gift card you can imagine. If you take surveys I highly recommend this one.

Julie from United Kingdom: I have been doing these surveys for years now to get money for Christmas. They tell you how long each survey will take so you can choose how much time you have to spare.

John from US: One of my favourites because: 1) you get your money in a reasonable time frame 2) cashout in PayPal or gift cards, and 3) qualification is a 6 on a scale of 10 where 1 is nearly impossible

Yvonne from United States: Branded Surveys has excellent paid surveys and they do not send invitations unless you really qualify to earn credit! I highly recommend this survey site for those of you who wish to earn extra money!!

Rick from United States: Currently my favorite survey brand. Lots of surveys (Unfortunately lots of disqualifies), lots of bonuses and quick payment.

Kimberly from United States: They have some of the most interesting surveys around and with them able to be completed rather quickly, it makes earning a few extra dollars a breeze. Thanks Branded Surveys!

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