The best-known and safest online survey sites: our opinion and some tips

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Free online surveys are an option for anyone who wants to increase their earnings. For companies, the importance of customer opinions is part of a marketing objective aimed at improving their products; the feedback provided to the company can be paid in cash or shopping vouchers.

There are many free online-survey sites that focus on different types of products or services, so it’s worth evaluating them to avoid unpleasant surprise (which are rare:  in the worst case, payments arrive a little late ).

With a few hours of time, you are granted a premium, usually after accumulating points or a credit threshold.

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The most popular online survey sites

We’ve already done some tests on this topic: check out our constantly-updated report on the best and most reliable survey sites. Here’s a review of some of the best, according to our Luisa, who has tried them all.

Toluna Influencers: our opinion and how it works

Toluna influencers paid surveysOne of the best-known market research sites is Toluna influencers, a real community with blogs and online magazine. Registration is free, as with many online survey sites: you get a “welcome” 500 points and another 500 for each friend you introduce. Toluna is “the big boss” of Surveys world, with more than 50 languages available in its website.

The site also features a play area for leisure and other community activities, so you can earn points not only by doing online surveys. Toluna also offers members the chance to take part in a lottery, with a million points to win.

But some online surveys are for a specific target, having precise demographic characteristics: this “filter” does not always appeal to users of survey sites but it’s part of the game. Companies run surveys from time to time, and these surveys focus on specific user types, so sometimes you’ll be lucky to be involved and at other times, not. Toluna members can also test products and keep them after writing their opinion, although this feature has currently been put on “hold” by Toluna: we talked about this survey portal in detail in this article in our blog.

OnlinePanel: “generous” paid surveys…

online-panel-net survey clubOnlinePanel is another famous company that offers online surveys and, unlike Toluna, has come into market more recently. Available in six languages (Italian, English, Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese), it allows users to earn up to 3 dollars per survey and to take part not only in market research but also in other types of online micro-jobs such as testing apps or completing tasks.

Payments are in cash only, via Pay Pal and takes place after earning 10,000 points, equal to about 8.50 dollars. A selection of surveys is found in the user area every day and, unlike other online market research sites, it does not send survey emails directly to members. The site’s graphics are clean but less attractive than Toluna’s. Online Panel offers a free weekly lottery where the winnings range from one point to a maximum of one thousand. Unlike Toluna and other similar sites, you do not receive points if you invite a friend.

Surveyeah paid surveys

surveyeah recension online earningsThe free online survey site Surveyeah vaunts a dynamic image from the outset, with its name and friendly-monkey logo. In 5 languages (English, Spanish, German, Italian and French) and with  panels active in 57 countries , it offers cash prizes and vouchers to spend at Amazon or at other companies. The surveys are for international groups so every user could share its own opinion and preference.

The site also helps Researchers and students looking for people for their studies and each survey is in line with the user’s profile and preferences. Members can decide to donate their earnings to charity or cash them in; On average, users receive two to four proposals per month by e-mail. With an investment of time between five and fifteen minutes, with Surveyeah you can earn up to 4 dollars per survey; the minimum payment to request is 5 dollars.

OpinionOutpost – our opinion

opinion outpost rewards and opinionsThe site of OpinionOutpost is clearly laid out: on the homepage, you can already find everything you need to know to earn money with their online surveys. Registration is free, and by taking part in the surveys, you can earn cash and prizes (Amazon gift vouchers, Apple Store, Nike, Home Depot, Domino’s, Target’s vouchers, or cash via PayPal and Visa).

You can also convert your points into products in their web-shop, where you can redeem several vouchers to spend in many famous online stores. The minimum pay-out is 2.50 dollars, and the site operates in seven countries around the world. Many users of the site who have been active for some years in online forums state they are satisfied with the surveys proposed by Opinion Outpost, a survey service operating in this field for several years, and for good reason.

The rewards go from 10 to 250 points each survey

You can read soon our specific review on Opinion Outpost – work in progress!

The surveys at Alta Opinione

Alta Opinione surveysAlta Opinione is another major online survey site that has been operating since 2004 and has hundreds of thousands of participants worldwide. Subscribers earn up to 4 euros per survey but they can also test products and receive rewards in vouchers to spend on Amazon or Zalando once they reach the threshold of 8 dollars.

The surveys are sent out by email or published on the personal bulletin board of members. Sometimes, unpaid “short” surveys are also sent out, to obtain details on participants’ profiles, and so as to send better-targeted surveys to profiles: it is important to fill out these surveys too, because although they are unpaid, they will also bring you more paid surveys in the future. By doing these surveys, the platform will thereby better understand your characteristics so will send you paid surveys suited to your profile.

This is why, at the start of all Alta Opinione surveys and also other online survey sites, you’ll be asked about your age, gender and location so as to make the sample as diverse and accurate as possible. All surveys can be interrupted when the required number of participants is reached, so it’s important to start surveys you receive quickly, without waiting too long.

To avoid unpleasant surprises such as account blocking, the same rule applies to all online survey sites: never answer randomly: with ad hoc algorithms and questions, you will be found out!

Fancy contributing your opinion? Do you know any other survey sites?

If you have tried them and want to send us your opinion (whether positive or negative), feel free to write to us!

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