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the best free samples sites - full list

Don’t stop at paid-survey sites: there’s more! Another way of earning online is by offering to do free product testing, signing-up in  the best free samples sites  available online. Anyone can try registering to the many sites out there, and become a product tester, someone who receives free samples to try and review.

 They are not only samples but real products you get to test for free , and then answer questions about the products themselves, your experience with them or your consumption habits.

Like paid surveys, though, be aware that you will not always be selected to test free products.

It will always depend on the characteristics the various brands are looking for, or on luck, just like with online competitions.

But it’s always worth a try!

It’s a kind of online micro-job that provides an “indirect” online earning. If you’re among those that specific brands are looking for, you can receive some test products at home for free. They can be samples, beta-test products, gadgets, general gifts etc.).  This is because companies want to know the opinions of a sample of people before officially selling a new product , to avoid new products flopping due to characteristics that are not-optimal with respect to those the market wants.

Here’s a list of sites with free samples you can register with for free and with no obligation, so you can request free samples to receive at home.

Free samples sites to keep an eye on: the List

One of the many examples of product testing you can find in these sites. As you can see, the number of people needed for each test is limited, so you have to hurry to sign up and be as “active” as possible when applying, in the forum and surveys.

The “sector” of free samples is not as developed and organized as that of Online Surveys, but it is much more de-structured. It lives mainly on forums, social networks and on sites and blogs that report suddenly-activated opportunities to receive free products.

The world of free products is also complemented by online competitions, which are another way to earn something, although they are certainly less “immediate”, so to speak, because luck plays an important part of this world.

  • With surveys, you will definitely earn something
  • With the free sample sites, you have a good chance of receiving free products
  • With contest sites, instead, you have to be lucky and hope to win (but it costs nothing to try!)

Once, also Toluna (we talk about it here), a famous paid-survey site, had a section for sending out free products to sample, but that area of the site is no longer active. You should always keep an eye open, then, and keep watching these sites and social channels that we have tested for you…

1. PINCHme

PINCHme is a free sample program that sends a box of free samples selected for you every month.

Companies donate products to PINCHme, because they want consumers to try a free sample of their product and then be pushed to buy more in store.

These free sample boxes are different based on the profile you create, so be sure to answer all questions when you sign up to increase your chances of getting as many free samples as possible.

If you leave a review, you can get free samples in the future too.

Check it out at:

2. Smiley360

Smiley360 is an online community with the aim of collecting reviews from consumers. After registration, users can select offers from major brands and try them for free, in exchange for a review on Smiley360 website. Community members have the opportunity to try products in exchange for feedback and receive exclusive online content from brands.

Here’s how Smiley360 works:

  • Register your account
  • Get free products
  • Write your feedback

3. Sample Source

Sample Source offers free samples. It is currently only available in the United States and Canada.

The aim is to let consumers try the products to entice them to buy. Several free samples are available including: beauty and health care, household products and even drinks and snacks.

Don’t want to miss any free sample alerts? Subscribe to his Instagram channel here: Check it out at:

4. BzzAgent

BzzAgent ships free sample boxes for advertising. You need to check their website regularly and fill out all available surveys. If you are eligible, they will send it to you.

After receiving your BzzAgent box, you will complete various tasks from telling a friend about the product to letting everyone know on Twitter.

Check it out at:

5. Social Nature

Social Nature is a free sample website with the goal of helping our environment.

Signing up is free and simple, and after you sign up you can choose from a wide range of vegan and eco-friendly products including cosmetics, snacks and cleaning products to try for free.

In return, you have to write a review to share with Social Nature.

Check it out at:

6. Ripple Street

Registration on this site is free and you will receive: free products, coupon, special offers and more. Ripple Street is in contact with many brands that need reviews for their products.

In the community online, consumers can interact with each other and discuss the quality of the products.

Check it out at:

7. Influenster

The more social you are online, the more free sample boxes you get.

There are free samples and coupons, but the best part is the full-sized freebies that come in almost any box.

You will receive free sample boxes by writing reviews of the products you have tried. After receiving a box, you can complete some online tasks. The more you participate, the more boxes you will get in the future.

Check it out at:

8. Pretty Thrifty

It is a website that offers discounts for everyone. It’s easy to find free material on the site along with  complimentary products . All you have to do is browse the website and find something that interests you, write your email and delivery address, then you are ready! You just have to wait for the freebies to be delivered to your home.

Check it out at:

9. Nikola Valenti

This is a very original and different site to receive free product, in comparison with the other best free samples sites. In fact, it is a jewelry company that  offers free jewelry necklaces to customers in hopes of getting known . Visit the website and choose an item you love, then enter your delivery information and wait for delivery. They ship internationally.

Check it out at:

10. Women Freebies

It is a site that collects all the freebies you can have. It doesn’t offer free articles directly, but it does direct you to some websites to enter your information and get free samples. Most of the freebies are offered by the stores in the hope of receiving reviews on the products offered.

Check it out at:

11. Sweet Free Stuff

This site offers new free samples (covering books, food, magazines and cosmetic products) and sweepstakes every day. Collect all the free online material available in one place.

You just have to visit the site, click on a free post and be directed to the landing page to win it! Start signing up on the site and get all the best offers and free items in the mail!

Check it out at:

Ever tried any other sites of samples and free gifts?

If you know other websites that allow you to receive free products, let us know and we will update the list!

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