The Best Apps to Make Money Online: the 17 to Download Now

the best apps to make money online - online earnings

Today we’re unveiling a cool selection of Apps for earning online, that are reliable and well-rated by the public. As you alway have your smartphone with you, why not take advantage of a few Apps to earn something extra money online to spend on what we like most? So,  let’s see the best apps to make some money online! 

Earn money with Apps: the best and most reliable apps to download

Most of these Apps pay you either with vouchers that can be spent on the App Store or with real money that you can spend to shop or to buy what you want. Remember one important thing: all the apps are free!

Let’s start with a famous app, with an unparalleled audience approval rating. Google Opinion Rewards is an app created by the Google Surveys team that allows you to earn Google Play credits by answering short and simple paid surveys.

This Google App for taking surveys and earning a few euros is, however, only compatible with Android, and not iOS.

So it’s perfect for people who want to make money with Android.

Taking part is easy: download the application from the Play Store and answer simple questions about yourself, your tastes and interests, the videos you would like to see on YouTube, the purchases made with your card in various stores in your area, etc.

1. Earn money with Google’s Opinion Rewards App: App features

google opinion rewards paid surveysThe frequency of the surveys is very particular.  Surveys are sent to your smartphone approximately once or twice a week but they can also arrive more or less frequently. Some users don’t receive any at all, others who receive them regularly and frequently. It always depends on the characteristics you have as a consumer and if you go frequently to big department stores, for example.

The notification on the phone appears when a short survey is ready and  prizes reach up to $0.80 in Google Play credits once completed. Questions range from “Which store/s did you go to yesterday?” to “Do you like this video on YouTube?” or “Did you shop at this store and, if so, did you use your credit card?“, etc. This is the type and simplicity of the questions asked through Google Opinion Rewards.

google rewards surveys
The reward screen of Google Opinion Rewards App

You can redeem prizes in the Google Store, and can buy applications and also books and movies. It is not a paid survey panel as such however it is the easiest to use as you use it from a tablet or smartphone only. Downloads of the Google Opinion Reward app has crossed the 10 million threshold and has an average score of over 4.5 out of 5. Anyone who uses Apps on their smartphone knows how high a score that is. The app is very light (around 5Mb) so it will not take up much space on your device.

How to spend the money earned with the Google Opinion Rewards App

From receiving the payment, you have to spend the amount within one year. If you have two accounts on the Play Store, credits earned with Google Opinion Reward cannot be transferred from one account to another. One of the advantages with respect to many paid survey sites is that  there is no payout threshold , so if you have earned even only 0.05€ you can use it if you find a product of this value on Google stores (Play Store, Play Film, Play Books, Play Games).

The credit remains available in the Google Wallet, so if you go to buy an app or movie, for example, you can cover the cost with the money earned (if the total amount is enough to cover the expense), or by paying for the amount lacking to cover the total price of the purchase.

Note that Google Opinion Reward Play credits cannot be used for Android app subscriptions, magazine subscriptions or purchases of hardware and accessories.

Other popular and reliable apps for earning online

2. The Toluna App: the survey paradise to make money online

Toluna influencers paid surveysThe Google Opinion Reward app is not the only app that lets you register and earn money online with your smartphone. The Toluna community, which we will talk about it soon, has its own app that allows you to earn points by giving your opinion on market research, product-testing and by answering quick questions.

Among the available rewards, as well as Amazon vouchers, Zalando and gift cards for iTunes, Alitalia and Mango, you can request a money credit to your PayPal account.

3. BeMyEye

bemyeye mystery shopping jobs make money onlineBeMyEye is an app where you can find many small tasks, surveys and mystery shopping missions to be completed around you: for example a check in a specific department store (where to look for cleanliness, some products, make some photos to the store layout, testing the purchasing process, etc) or asking a quote or test some apps and websites.

It’s very easy to join the community and start to complete the online jobs; you just have to sign-up (for free, of course) and look for mini-jobs around you. Join the jobs you are interested for and wait for the confirmation.

After each job, you will be asked to answer some questions through a final survey, where you are going to summarise what have you tested and where to upload the photos you’ve taken. That’s it!

 The earnings: you can get also from 10 to 30 dollars per job completed . So it worth more than a classic paid online survey, but the time needed to complete a job is higher.

Here the BeMyEye link for subscription.

4. Earn money with micro-jobs thanks to AppJobber

appJobber app for small online jobs earn onlineAppJobber is a solution similar to BeMyEye that allows you to earn money by completing micro jobs. Available for both Android and iOS devices, you can perform tasks related to your location and beyond. It is of course free, and your credits can be paid into a bank or PayPal account.

When you start the app, you will see the geo-location on the map to see which jobs are the closest. So it works in a very similar way to that of other Apps such as BeMyEye, which we’ve already mentioned.

5. Earn money by selling your photos with Foap app.

Foap app earning moneyFoap is dedicated instead to photography enthusiasts who can sell their photos or videos (5 dollars each) obviously if original. If a company is interested in your published photo or video, they will buy it: the amount paid will then be divided between you and Foap.


More Apps: the Gym Apps (which we do not recommend)

There are also other “curious” Apps for earning money, such as the no-more active Gym Pact. These kind of apps would allow you to earn money doing sport, with goals to achieve: eat fruit and vegetables and run for a set distance, for example. If proved to have achieved the goal, you are rewarded in money, with a payment of up to 5 dollars per week and if you do not reach … It will be the user to pay the money; and if you get sick, you will have to send a medical certificate!

We tell you this App out of pure curiosity, but we sincerely recommend you to try the other online earning apps. These are too bizarre, and you risk not making any money at all! It’s not casualty that these kind of apps failed after few months, every time…

6. Make money watching movies and documentaries: The TaTaTu App

tatatu app for online earningsPlease note that we have yet to try it out so today we’ll tell you only how it works according to what the site says about itself. TaTaTu is the first digital platform specialized in entertainment content through which users do not pay, but instead earn money by watching movies, TV series, sports and documentaries.

To use it, simply register via Google or your Facebook account: this way, you receive the first welcome gesture, a 50 TaTaTu Token, which is worth $12.50.

For every display of an event on the platform, the user gets another 12 TTU Token on average (about 3 dollars). Obviously, on TaTaTu you won’t find the latest movies or any live streaming of your favourite team’s match, but the choice is broad and can meet the tasts of all.

If you’ve already tried it and want to tell us about your experience with TaTaTu, then write to us and let us know!

7. Money Machine App

Money Machine, like others apps, offers the possibility to participate in surveys and  earn money by watching videos .

After you have completed the various steps, you will receive a notification and you can request the transfer of the points to your PayPal account.

Register here with Money Machine

8. Earn Cash Back shopping with Swagbucks

swagbucks reviewSwagbucks offers reward points for shopping online, responding to surveys, and viewing videos featured on the platform. All of this can be facilitated via the mobile app.

You can redeem Swagbucks points for gift cards or recover money to your PayPal account. Earned 1,000 SB Points equals $10.

Here are all the different ways to earn SB points:

  1. Shop online and you’ll earn up to 10% cashback and get access to additional offers. Get points for these coupons. If you book travel through popular travel sites like Expedia and Priceline, you can also get points;
  2. Once you’ve made your in-store purchases, upload your receipt to the site and you can earn hundreds to thousands of SB points. Through Swagbucks Local, you will be able to receive a refund;
  3. Answer short surveys and earn SB points for each completed;
  4. Donate to charities like Feeding America, American Red Cross, and Save the Children and you can earn thousands of SB points;
  5. Play online and you can earn 12 SB for every $ 1 you spend. Among the games featured, you can find Wheel of Fortune, Angry Birds, Bejeweled and Trivial Pursuit;
  6. Invite your friends. You can earn 300 bonus SBs for each friend invited and receive 10% of their earnings forever.

Register here with Swagbucks

9. Earn Cash Back with Shoply App

Shoply is a new application that allows you to earn cash back and redeem gift certificates. Just make purchases in-store or online. If you are a member of MyPoints and Swagbucks you can add offers and upload receipts on Shoply.

Let’s see how does it work:

  1. Sign up to earn: create an account with the Swagbucks rewards platform;
  2. Choose the reward you prefer from gift card, cash, or points;
  3. Add offers to your list: within the Shoply app, select the offers that interest you;
  4. Buy the products you have chosen and get a discount in return;
  5. Take a picture of your receipt, to certify that you have made the purchase;
  6. Get a reward based on your preferences.

In the near future, Shoply will allow its members to earn points by scanning barcodes as well.

Register here with Shoply

10. Rakuten App Cash Back

When you shop through Rakuten, you earn a percentage of Cash Back on your purchase. The app offers you a discount on the purchase.

This service is offered in partnership with some stores such as Hudson’s Bay, Indigo, and Nordstrom, which in turn pay Rakuten a commission when you make a purchase with the app.

Every 3 months, Rakuten sends a cash payment for online purchases registered to your account. You can receive payment via a check in the mail or via PayPal. In the “My Account” section you can view your refund settings. To earn Cash Back, you must complete the purchase during the same purchase session.

A tracking ticket is typically valid for up to 24 hours.

The advantage of downloading the app is that when shopping at your favorite online stores, the browser extension will notify you when Cash Back is available.

Register here with Rakuten

11. MyPoints

MyPoints is another cash reward app that has the same functionality as Rakuten and Swagbucks.

You can earn rewards like points for purchases at thousands of stores, such as Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Home Depot, Macy’s, Target and Groupon.

In addition, you can redeem the points for gift cards or you can redeem them for cash in your PayPal account. New MyPoints subscribers receive a $ 10 welcome bonus in the form of an Amazon gift card.

You can earn points:

  1. Complete the surveys sent by email;
  2. Download the MyPoints search toolbar and earn points every time you search online;
  3. There are also days when the platform can offer you double points or instant win games.

Register here with MyPoints

12. Ibotta App

Ibotta allows you to earn money based on purchases made in-store and online.

For some offers, you can earn money only by making the purchase, in other cases in addition to the purchase you will also have to watch a video or participate in a survey.

There are two ways to earn money in stores:

  • Send the receipt of your purchase,
  • Purchase a gift card through the Ibotta app.

You can receive payment via PayPal or by gift card.


  • You can receive a refund on in-store purchases within 24 hours
  • There is a $ 20 welcome bonus


  • You can get your first payout, after you’ve raised at least $ 20
  • If you buy online, you can get your refund after a few months.

Download here Ibotta

13. Capital One Shopping App – Cash Back

Capital One Shopping is a shopping app that helps you find  the best deals and rewards buying specific products and brands . Helps you save on purchases. Every penny you save corresponds to a cent you earn with the app.

After installing it on your browser, Capital One Shopping automatically compares the store that sells the product at the cheapest price. Another way Capital One Shopping helps you make money is by offering you rewards when you make purchases.

Register here with Capital One Shopping

14. Earn Cash Back with Drop App

Drop allows you to easily earn rewards. Simply link your credit and debit cards and shop.

Points are accumulated for each purchase and you can redeem them with free gift certificates.

How it works:

  1. Download the Drop app;
  2. Sign up and link a card: after downloading the app, open it and create a profile by entering your details and your card;
  3. Choose your favorite brands: after linking a card, you will be asked to choose five of your favorite brands. You must know that once selected you cannot change them anymore;
  4. Start earning points;
  5. Start spending points: after 5,000 points, you can request a $ 5.00 gift card at various retailers.

One of the drawbacks of Drop is that it can happen to have open points. Plus the customer service isn’t very responsive.

Register here with Drop

15. Earn Money sharing your internet traffic with Honeygain

honeygain paid survey reviewHoneygain is an app that you can install on your computer or you can use from an Android phone. We did a full review about Honey Gain here.

The company collects data and  does NOT track your behavior , but uses your internet connection to perform various search queries.

With Honeygain you can make money based on the amount of Internet they use. The current rate is credit for 10MB of traffic. This means that each credit is worth a penny. After earning $ 20, you can request payment. It usually takes 48 days to reach $ 20.

5 dollars bonus registration with honey gain
5 dollars bonus registration with Honey Gain

Plus, when you sign up for Honeygain, you get a $ 5 welcome bonus. If you invite a friend to join Honeygain, you get 10% of what they earn. The app is very clear and intuitive. It only works when you are connected to Wi-Fi.


  • Install the app and you will be able to offer your internet connection
  • It is a very simple way to earn money


  • There is no information about the company using the Internet
  • You never know what they can do with your internet connection

Register here with Honeygain

16. Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin is another “gym-app”, that helps you count your steps and earn money by walking. We don’t like so much this kind of app, about an online earning perspective. But still: the app records how many steps you take in a day and rewards you in cash. For every 1,000 steps recorded, you receive 0.95 in “sweatcoins”.

The digital currency collected can be spent by purchasing products and services directly from the app or you can donate the sum to charity. For example for fitness equipment, workout classes, gift cards, and a host of other offers.

You can only earn these coins by walking outside, so you can’t use the app if you walk on a treadmill at the gym.

Register here with Sweatcoin

17. Making pictures with Snapwire App

If you are passionate about photography or are a photographer, we recommend Snapwire. This app allows you to make money by sharing your photos. From the app, you can create a portfolio and share photos with whoever you want.

You get paid by the app if you provide photos to companies or participate in challenges. You can earn around $ 50 on average for each image that is chosen. You could also receive specific requests.

There are seven levels to achieve in the app, which help you increase your chances of selling images and acquiring customers. As you level up, you earn points.

You can earn points by uploading images, selling them, and getting requests.

Register here with Snapwire


Apps to make money by selling: the best ecommerce sites for users

 Another way to earn money with Apps is to sell your unused items online , but it’s not so easy to earn money this way, because you have to sell products that could be interesting for other users, of course. Below is a list of the best apps for earning money selling your personal items.

Earn money with online sales by using the App Marketplace (Android/iOS): This is a very particular and “fashionable” app in every sense, as it is great for selling clothes, vintage items and other accessories.

eBay (Android/iOS): Known by all, with eBay you can sell any kind of item – both used and new – all over the world either by auction or through the “buy it now” function”: in both cases, eBay will charge a commission if the sale goes through.

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